Sunday, July 17, 2011

Book Haul: A big leap into the unknown

I saw this good-value set of the "Wicked Lovely" series by Melissa Marr for sale at Big W for $25 which is a big saving and ummed and ahhed about whether or not to buy it. I decided not to originally because I had read a little bit of "Ink Exchane" on Wattpad and didn't like it. That afternoon I went home and discovered on shelfari - through the "Read the first chapter for free"- that the book on wattpad was not the same book as the one that I thought it was. 

Then I was all panicky because I thought I'd lost my chance to get the series. However my cousin was travelling out of town this week and I asked her to pick up the set for me. After all that I finally got my books. 
It is definietly a bit of a risk buying a box set when I have never read any of them before though. 

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