Thursday, March 3, 2011

Style crush - part 2

2) SYLVIA PLATH and KATE BOSWORTH (and the likes of)

While suicidal poet Sylvia Plath and actress Kate Bosworth may have little i common, it recently appears more than so. The classic style of the 50's has recently been reinvented into the lady like style of today, with the likes of kirsten dunst (in her mui mui campaigns) and Kate Bosworth dressing like polished and belted women. 

After watching "Sylvia" the movie and falling in love with the clothes of the era I also quickly fell in love with the style of Plath during the end of the film, when she tends to dress slightly more un-polished and slightly more grungy and looks more like a 1950's version of Julia Stiles in "10 things i hate about you".  

The modern take on plaths look is somewhat brighter, less structured  and yet still evidently polished. THe minimalism in 1950's style is translated.

How to wear:
a) Ladylike plath:
-dark or bright  lipstick 
-pearl jewellery
-Shirts tucked into high waisted skirts or belted if otherwise
-Puff sleave or ruffle neck tops
-Round-toed or Pointy-toed shoes
b) Grunge plath:
-Flannel and checkered items
-Loose fit pants
-Long full skirts
-Lengthy trenches
-Plain loose knit sweaters
-Thick socks
mixed in with ladylike plath style

Style inspiration:
-Sylvia (movie)
-Mona Lisa Smiles (movie)
-Regina Spektor
-10 things i hate about you (movie)
-"The bell jar" book


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Meg said...

Clever indeed. =) Plath did indeed have a classic style. Elegant but adorable. =)