Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Loose-knit scarf pattern

What you need:
knitting needles bigger than 6 mm
Wool  (1-2 large balls, or 2-3 small balls depending on length and width of the scarf)

I used green wool because most of my winter wardrobe goes with it. This scarf is very breathable so it's great for the begining of Spring and the end of Autumn. This scarf is great for most clothing styles and looks simple without being booring. Pick a yarn in a favourite colour and have a Go!

step 1. Cast on desired amount of stitches, (original pattern suggests 23, but i only put 20 on my needle)
Step 2. Kit three rows, this is called a garter stitch
step 3. Kit one stich then wrap wool around right hand needle twice} repeat till end of row
step 4. Knit one stitch then drop excess yarn} repeat till end of row
Step 5. Knit 2 rows garter stitch
step 6. repeat steps 3-5 until scarf is to desired length
step 7. stitch one more row garter stitch and cast off

ideas to dress it up:
-crochet and edging along either the ends or the sides, but not both to add detail
-knit with two strands of different colours at the same time for a mottled effect.
- use a sparkly yarn

Scarves look great with:
-Lower neck tops
-Cardigans and coats
-Long skirts (atleast below the knee) and Pants.

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