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A few things that I've learned: Beauty/Style Advice


When it comes to dressing up I like to think I know a thing or two. After numerous dance classes, watching way too many videos on Beautytube (Otherwise known as Youtube) ,And reading several blog posts and books on the subject of Style/Beauty I feel like I have definitely learned a few things. I'm not a professional anything, I'm not a professor of style, I have not taken part in any hairdressing or make-up courses... I am simply a girl with a few tips (some which you may have heard before) that I want to share with you all.

These tips are not specifically for the Vintage sub-culture, however I think these tips can be useful to anyone who is interested in Beauty or Fashion to some extent. I feel like in some ways beauty enthusiasts and Vintage enthusiasts do have a lot in common and use a lot of the same kinds of products and techniques. I hope regardless of who you are, that you can take something from this post.

The pictures I have included in this don't line up with any of the points I have made, they are simply just there to look pretty...


I have to admit I am not great at winged eyeliner. I do not believe that it is integral to a vintage look, but I do like the way it gives the appearance of larger eyes and I think it can really make a statement. While I have improved since writing this blog post I still feel like gel eyeliner is definitely the best way to go if you are not confident with creating winged looks. The formula feels less "wet" and it's not as messy. Also, I think having a look at different winged styles to try out is a good idea. I prefer a thick line with a small triangle-type wing, but I have seen a lot of different styles. Some styles are more flattering on different shaped eyes and some are a lot easier than others. Also, you don't have to wear black. There are a lot of really nice blues and browns to try out which are definitely a little more subtle.

If you don't like wasting your money on expensive products that you end up not liking, then I strongly suggest you do two things before you click "buy". Firstly look for cheaper dupes of the product online. This basically means that other bloggers and beauty enthusiasts have found products by other brands that give a similar result and/or colour as the product you are interested in. Secondly, I recommend looking up reviews for items so you can decide if it's for you. The only problem I have with review sites like 'Make-up Alley' is that reviewers don't always have the same skin concerns/allergies and not everyone understands how to use a specific product. I prefer to find bloggers that I generally agree with (that like the same products I like) and scour through their archives.

I know most bloggers are really vocal about these two things, but IT'S SO TRUE! I recently read that a survey conducted with 1000 women in Australia had asked the question "Do you always remove your Make-up before bed" and 80% said "no". Now I know this is only a survey of 1000 people and I know that it was "not always", but regardless I think that is shocking and gross. Even if you are feeling really tired it doesn't take long to use a make-up remover wipe before you hit the sheets. A make-up remover wipe is generally not enough to remove ALL of the make-up, but it's better than nothing. I usually cleanse my face really well afterwards... Also, cleaning your brushes regularly if you wear make-up daily (fortnighly or monthly) is a good idea. It is better for your skin and you will be surprised how much better your make-up brushes work after you have washed them.

If you want to have a flawless eye make-up look one #lifehack is to find a shade somewhere between the crease colour and the base/brow-bone shade (depending on the look) to apply before the crease colour goes on. This makes blending so much easier.  Also, it might seem a little ridiculous to watch a make-up tutorial where the guru uses ridiculous amounts of products, but sometimes layering products is actually really helpful to help you get the look you want. For example a pigmented matte blush and a shimmery sheer blush worn together. This is also great if you are trying to make a colour you don't have.

I have heard a lot of tips over the years for making make-up last, but I feel like nothing beats a good quality primer, eye primer and translucent powder. I find that the make-up sprays I tried were too watery and wrecked my make-up before sweat ever could. And, while the suggestion of hairspray possibly could work, I could never attempt it as I usually end up in coughing fits, I hate the way hairspray makes everything stiff/sticky and I also think that it can clog your pores up a bit!


While some suggestions for different skin types are accurate, not all skin types are the same. For example I have an issue with blemishes and most of the "blemish fighting" products at the local super market contain sacylicic acid which actually makes me break out more. I think this has something to do with my skin also being sensitive... I also find it really annoying when beauty bloggers with dry skin do a review on a product and say it doesn't need a primer or powder. For them this may be the case, but I have oily eye-lids and I have tried that cream eyeshadow and it definitely does crease. So definitely take reviews with a grain of salt and experiment a little bit to not only find what suits you, but how well it lasts.

I have read quite a few "guides" from different eras and the suggestions they provide you with are all based on the style at the time. In one guide someone with an oval face is told one thing and in another guide the style favours large foreheads and the suggested style is different. Also, these guides don't tend to take hair type, eye shape, nose, mouth ears or anything else into consideration. The same way a colour guide may only take skin colour, but not hair colour or eye colour into consideration. I have always found it difficult to figure out what face shape and skin undertone I have and I have just found it to be a lot easier to try things out for myself. I also think you should stick with what you like. Life is short and there are ways around getting something to suit you (like only wearing that colour on your bottom half, so it doesn't wash you out).

8. WARM and COLD nails
I've got to be honest, I don't really care for undertones and the rules regarding them. I have pale yellow/green looking skin and I have a lot of nail polish in a bunch of colours and not all of it is going to be flattering... I find that some of the more bright yellowy-colours make my skin look tan, while dark Reds and Blue-toned colours make my skin look really pale. I don't care either way, however, I do think you should be careful when mixing warm and cold colours in one manicure as it can look a bit funky...

I really like blue so I am probably a little biased, but I honestly think that blue (especially muted blues and navy) is pretty much a basic/neutral colour. I honestly believe that certain shades of blue can go with almost anything and that you definitely have an excuse to add it to your outfit if you are wearing denim because some shades of blue and denim just work...

If you haven't already I highly recommend pinterest. Pinterest allows you to follow other people who post rad things, to save inspiration to boards, to find beauty dupes, to find great buys... It's basically a search engine with everything and you can save stuff. It's also great for all your other hobbies, for recipes, for something to laugh at... Just do it, and next time you have a Halloween costume dilemma or are looking for a new haircut, this site will be there to help you.


I know that I only shared 10 tips and that you might have read/heard them from me or someone else before, but I think they are stellar tips to know. If you want to see more Beauty/Style tips on the blog please let me know in the comments. Also feel free to share any Beauty/Style tips that you know.

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