Sunday, August 24, 2014

Update/Haul/Outfit: Facebook Likes and Other Random Stuff

Hi Everyone,
I have not posted for about a week now which I know is really bad. I have had a few ideas about what I want to post on here but many of these posts require a bit more thinking, picture taking and stuffing around than I would like. Then to top it off, on Thursday when I got home from work  we had to take our poor dog to the vet. She had Bladder stones and the Vet took them out on Friday. She is a lot better now and she is getting a lot of extra attention. She is a Cutie Pie :)

I've got a heap of random things to share. I bought stuff (as usual) and I promise you there will be a haul in a couple of weeks with more things that I have bought... I've got some more books and movies. I have also been watching a fair few movies as well. I have seen 'Guys and Dolls' twice now. I am kinda obsessed. I also have some outfits I want to show.

I also want to thank everyone who shared and/or liked the face book page for me. I am so happy to finally have made it to the 1200 mark! I felt like I was going to be stuck at 1150 forever (which honestly I still can't believe I passed 100 likes...). I hope you guys will continue to let me fill your news feeds with my obsessions and that you will also not be afraid to let me know what you would like to see (mainly when I ask).

^The dog in question. She hates cameras LOL. Her name is Lulu and she is sitting up on the recliner of the chair with me. 

^Here is a pic of me with our other puppy Harry who got really sad when Lulu was at the vet and afterwards wouldn't even let her sleep. He ran around the room yelping and whining because she wouldn't play with him. He is finally stopped whining now that he realised the other dog is OK.

^Here is my outfit from the Markets today. I usually make an effort to look nice even when I am staying home because that's just how I am. The markets isn't a huge deal or anything, but dad was there with me so there was actually someone to take a photo for me. The sunglasses are ASOS, the cardigan is JayJays and the skirt is from Ebay. I think the flats are Big W and the Brooch (which is a seahorse and pearl) was a gift. As usual the outfit was pretty inexpensive but I love the muted colour combo. 

^Here is an outfit pic from last weekend. It was my bosses daughter's birthday and I got invited out for tea. I am wearing an op-shop dress (it's got this weird cap-sleeve/sleeveless look which you can't see because of the over-blouse). The chiffon over-blouse is 2nd hand from a friend of mum's and I wear it when I go out on cool evenings a lot. The necklace (a Marylin Monroe cameo pendant) was an early birthday gift to me - my birthday is not until mid September). 

^If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen some make-up looks I did. Some make-up arrived this week and I wanted to muck around with some Sultry 1930s style make-up. This is probably the one era I am least experienced with attempting. 

^Here is another attempt. I really like the big-eyed Betty Davis/Carole Lombard/Gretta Garbo look, but I didn't want to make it so severe. I also struggle with the brows because my eyebrows are so dark already I can't cover them up with concealer. They are also quite thick and grow out ridiculously quick, so I figured my only shot at curved 30s/20s brows was to fill them in and shape the end to form a curve. I think they look a little too vampy...

^Here are the Betty Boop themed nails I had when i wore the Black/White/Red dress to the birthday dinner. They were a little messy because I painted over the cuticle and then I washed too much off in the shower (this happens a lot but it's way more obvious with this shade). For details of my manicures (plate names and polish names) head to the Facebook Album

^My Diana Camera nails.

^My Glittery nails.

^Sheer mermaid nails.

And now for all the stuff I bought/received ...

^This was sent to me by Penguin. I am currently reading it. It is taking me a little longer than I expected.

^I got three more novels in the Stephanie Plum series (can't wait)

^The first copy of Rolling Stone I ever bought. Because of You-Know-Who. 

^I still haven't opened it. I am very excited to see this though. Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn? Talk about high expectations.

^The second Briget Jones movie. I only saw the first one a little while ago at a charity event. I had seen snippets on the TV and I never really got what the fuss was. Was a whole different story when I saw the whole thing. And the second movie is just as funny!

My Moyou Beatles plate!

^Some more nail polishes I bought from Sinful Colors

^I bought some stuff from Avon and Crush cosmetics. Swatches and reviews to come!

^Make-up brushes.

^Some Avon Naturals things I bought. I also got a body wash that is Strawberry/Guava scented.

^My skin has been misbehaving again, so I am trying out some new things.

^I also got some new hair things to try because SALE, and because I want to try a product that doesn't aggravate my sensitive scalp.

^Apparently Bio-oil is supposed to work miracles on dry skin and the shampoo was on sale.

I hope this post wasn't written too badly... Did you have a nice weekend?

Your Favourite Blogger,

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