Saturday, July 26, 2014

Haul: Books, Beauty and Bags

Hey Everyone,
I realised I haven't done a haul in a little while and I got a lot of things I would like to share with you. The picture above is just a little bit of everything I got in the "beauty" category, but I will elaborate more on each of these separately in the post. I have been naughty and bought things that I already have too much of, but I feel less bad about it seeing as I have mostly not blown the budget I set for myself (can you imagine?). So obviously this is over the course of a few weeks, which isn't too bad. 

As usual there are a few things I bought that I didn't want to share. Clothes and things. You know, in case I ever decided to write an outfit post. I hope you all enjoy these posts. I know a  lot of bloggers do a disclaimer about not trying to brag etc. I do feel like I am bragging, but for me it's also about showing like-minded people things that they might be interested in and where i bought it. As usual with some products there is a bit of a min-review or an introduction to how I came across it. If you are not into hauls then don't read this. I will also tell you whether I got it sent to me for free or whether I paid for it with my own money.

^These books aren't actually new, but I thought it would be fun to share my TBR pile with you guys. I have already finished 'Popular: A Memoir' by Maya Van Wagnen and am hoping to post a review up very soon. I have three more Stephanie Plum books on order, so I am trying to read as much as I can before they arrive. That way it will at least look like I tried to have a variety. There is no fantasy in here, but there should be a fantasy review book coming in the mail soon... Obviously I am going for a girly/contemporary teen fiction thing here. I have realised that this is my go-to genre. 

^Okay, these are books that are new. The three on the left are from the Cheap Sore Closing sale and the one on the right was a review book sent to me by Bloomsbury. I have no idea what the go is with this novel because I haven't requested it, but it looks like a fun quick read, so I figure I can make time for it.

^I got some classic movies, because I haven't seen enough of those.

^I got some movies and TV shows. I have seen some of these before, but my sister took all her DVDs with her when she moved out and I like re-watching movies.

^More movies. Seen Them Already. I also got 'Safe Haven' which was pretty decent. Finally a Nicholas Sparks movie that doesn't make me fall asleep or cry! My sis borrowed it.

I got a new everyday handbag off of Ebay. I'm not going to bother listing the seller because they are everywhere. It's got one "matte" side and the rest is fake leather. I also got a black one which I think would be good for special occasions.

^Here are some goodies I bought from the Glamourflage website. They had a huge sale so I grabbed the candle and beauty case for next to nothing. The candle is a really nice scent, but it's also really strong. I haven't actually burned it yet. I just take the lid off the tin and let the scent of the un-lit candle  go through my room. I guess that scent will fade eventually and then I will have to burn it. The small tube is eye-cream. I dunno if it works, but it doesn't sting my eyes like the last one I bought, so that's a bonus. The packaging on these products is always really sweet.

^A little while ago I decided to just buy one of those magazines (you know teen, girly magazines) with the mystery freebie in it. And, I got this. It was actually kind of funny because the freebie didn't match any of the pictures of possible freebies on the back. LOL. 

^ ASOS was having a sale on beauty so I managed to score some Bourjois bronzer and single eyeshadows at pretty reasonable prices. I haven't gotten to play with the eyeshadows too much yet, because of ouchy eyes, but the bronzer is fabulous. Finally a bronzer that doesn't make me look Muddy or Orange!

^I bought some stuff off the Picture Polish website and it came in this cute bag (which was wrapped inside an actual mail package of course). It makes me feel so special when I receive purchases in super cute gift bags!

^I bought some of their polishes to try. Lots of glitters. I am going to see if the 'Majesty' one stamps. I'm also really keen to wear paradise. There are going to be some very fun mermaid nails coming up in the future!

^I bought some more trusty Sally Hansen Insta Dri from Fashion Addict.  I ended up with two of the same colour because I didn't check the QTY column before purchasing. It's not a huge deal though, cos that pink is pretty. I can never guarantee that these colours will actually stamp, but for the price I'm not too worried.

^Sinful Colours sale at Target. Wanted to try out Moyou polishes so bought these with an order of plates. I don't know what happened to my finger but it hurts, so minimal typing from here on.




^Inspired by 'Sabrina' the movie

^Inspired by the 'Great Gatsby' film.

Did you get anything exciting in the mail recently?

Your Favourite Blogger,


Jessica Cangiano said...

Awesome haul!!! I especially like the nail stamps. You know, I've never tried those myself, despite their massive popularity in recent years. I really should buy some one of these days and give them a spin myself.

I don't mind, and in fact often really like, haul posts and videos. It's like watching someone else's Christmas morning in a way! :)

Big hugs & lots of happy weekend wishes,
♥ Jessica

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

Same here, but I know some people complain about these things so i thought i'd better just make sure...

I originally thought nail stamps would be such a big gimmick, but i am really glad i tried them.