Sunday, May 4, 2014

Haul: Lots of Pretties and Some Books

I went shopping yesterday and am very excited about some of my purchases. I didn't get everything I planned to get as we were in a bit of a rush and the shops were out of some of the things I wanted anyway. I also have a few bits and pieces I purchased over the past few weeks and a gift. As usual I am not including everything because I want some things to stay a surprise. I did include a bit more beauty stuff in this haul than I usually would.

^For Review from Penguin I got a copy of 'Popular: A Memoir' by Maya Van Wagenen. I bought a YA Anthology called 'Let it Snow' and a Historical novel called 'Tapestry' by Fiona McIntosh. I also bought the Collins Nutshell 'Beauty Book' and the 'Stage and Screen Make-up' Guide book that I have seen a lot of people rave about.

^Here is some jewellery I got from Mum. This is not all of it. I love all of these :D

^Here are some earrings I bought from Lovisa. I haven't bought anything from there before and I am pretty pleased with what I got. I love the packaging on some of the items (vintage photos!).

^This is my Fashion Addict order. I am not usually one for dangle earrings, but these were too cute to pass up. I got some Sally Hansen polishes for stamping, another Revlon chromo chameleon (this one in pink quartz), another quick dry top coat, And, some nail art lacquers.

^I got these yesterday. There were sales on and heaps of sprinkle-glitter looking polishes which I love.

^Revlon was 2 for 1 at Target.

^You might have seen this post on Facebook the other day. I got some Nicole by OPI colours from my local supermarket and a mascara and eyeliner to try out. They didn't have my master precise liner and I was wanting to try a new mascara.

^I got more Maybelline Colour Tattoos. I love these things. I will do a review at some point.

^I bought more mascaras to try. I found some master precise yesterday. And, Minnie Mouse :)

^My Sister bought me an Avon Palette. It's not my birthday in case you were wondering. Isn't she nice :) I love the eyeshadow colours in this. They remind me of this big eyeshadow palette my cousins used to have when we were little kids. My cousins used to let us wear their makeup but we could only pick one thing. We used to feel so sophisticated wearing shimmery lilac colours on our eyes...

^I bought the new 'Wicked' velveteen, some carousel glosses and a liquid liner from Limecrime. 

^I bought some Moyou nail stamping plates. So excited to try these out! The top and middle ones are all pictures and you choose a section to go on your nail. 

^I bought some cute shoes. They were pretty cheap ones from Big W. 

^I bought more art stuff from Cavalier Art.

So that's all folks. I know I probably went a bit overboard on nail polish especially since I was supposed to not buy any, but mum totally encouraged me to buy them. I still didn't find a gold stamping one or the peachy foil one I have been drooling over... 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. 

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