Saturday, August 17, 2013

Things People Say That I Think About

It is election time in Australia. There are a fair few people that are fired up by this.  Hearing some of the weird things people say during election time makes me think about other weird things people say and it makes me want to write a musings post. The things I would say (and some times do attempt to say) to these people if I could be bothered.  I also decided to include a picture of a cat, because what good is the Internet if you can't enjoy cute cats.

"Politics are stupid"
So many people decide during election time that they just hate politics altogether. They think it's all rubbish and either don't cast a vote (aren't enrolled) or "fake it". YOUR VOTE MATTERS! Politicians may be stupid, but politics as a whole most definitely is not. Casting a vote could mean the difference between having to pay new taxes or where government funding will go.

Casting a vote also shouldn't be based on someone else's opinion. It's easy to be influenced by parents or friends or even famous people, but it's important that you actually know what you are voting for. Some politicians could win a personality contest hands-down. However, you are not here to have a drink with them. You are actually voting for a Party rather than a person. Because as history shows the PM isn't always going to be the same person through the duration of their reign.

If you are unsure there are things like Vote Compass (google it) designed to help you decide what you want or for a little bit more information try looking up policies for each party online. Also remember that with a minority or independent party that they will most likely have to preference a major party which means that their vote will be transferred to that party. I have tried to keep this unbiased if you're interested in what I think you can pop over  to my Tumblr page  for a squiz at my rants.

"I don't like old music"
A lot of young people say this and it really bothers me. Music is an art form developed  over time by a person's influences. It had to start somewhere, And, if you were to cut out  the older tunes from existence the newer ones may perish too. I understand that we all have different tastes and whatnot, but you can guarantee that the same person that says "The 90s was so lame" will be listening to Nirvana on repeat when grunge comes back into fashion.

Teeny-boppper bands would not have existed had there been no Elvis or no Beatles, And, don't even get me started on the number of covered songs that made it to the top of the charts. "Time of My Life" was an 80s song, "One Way or Another" also an 80s song. So, the old music thing... I understand if it's not your thing, but you aren't really allowed to "hate it" if you appreciate any sort of music.

"I wish I could do that"
I have a lot of hobbies and I'm not afraid to admit that I'm bad at some of them, but sometimes I will do something that I think is really average or mediocre (a simple crocheted beret  pattern for example) gets a good wrap and an envious "I wish I could do that" and sometimes it bothers me. For some of us the grass is almost always greener on the other side and you've just got to learn to appreciate your own talents. However, some of us just haven't really bothered to explore any hobbies for fear that you might not be successful or because of cost. If you are worried about embarrassing yourself there are many ways to acquire new skills without even leaving the house. Online tutorials and How-to books can leave you more informed than having lessons can.

"Companies are grubs" or "Small Businesses are greedy"
Why is it that people think that all Business owners large or small are out to make a massive profit so that they can live in a penthouse apartment and throw dollars at people to get what they want? Unless you are employed by the government or earn your money through welfare benefits you have to admit that your income is the result of a job at one of these businesses or from being self-employed. Companies and Small businesses provide employment for a lot of people. Without them where would these people work?

And, the people who run these businesses aren't just out to make a quick buck. Some people are just happy making enough money to survive and find that working for themselves just works out better for them. It's also a lot of paperwork.

Hopefully I will have some happier, typical-quirky style posts for you soon!

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