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If We're Gonna Talk About Music: She & Him

Most people have heard of Zooey Deschanel or at least recognise the face. She's an actress that has starred in the films 'Yes Man' and '500 Days of Summer', she stars in the TV show 'New Girl and her sister Emily Deschanel stars in 'Bones'. In most roles Miss Deschanel sings at some point and most can agree that she has a beautiful, yet somewhat unusual voice. I guess you could say it's a very old-fashioned voice. Together Zooey and M.Ward are She & Him.

You would think that because Zooey is the singer (most of the time) and because she is a well-known actress that she would out-shine Mr Ward in this duo. This is not true. M.Ward has his own solo albums and some serious guitar playing skills. Many who have attempted to play the guitar would be pretty jealous of M. Ward's ability to play.

When I first heard this band I was a bit surprised. This was not what I would have expected. It was so different to what I was listening to at the time and it was so far removed from modern-day music. I ended up deciding that I really like the album (hence the post) and ended up purchasing a few more albums. If you have not already I urge you to listen to a few tunes.


  1. Their Old-school 50s rock/60s pop sound. If you like the softer Beatles tunes and appreciate female artists with deep voices like Nancy Sinatra.
  2. I love that they write their own stuff. She & Him aren't one of those bands that only cover old songs (Though they have released a few Beatles covers). M.Ward and Zooey Deschanel do right most of the songs on their albums (With the exception of the Christmas album).
  3. I like the quirky touches that they add to their songs. For example, in one song Zooey makes a Kazoo noise with her mouth.
  4. I just adore some of the lyrics. While the songs do have some old-school charm, there are a few lyrics that just make you smile. Like this one from 'This is not a test' :The summit doesn’t differ from the deep dark valley And the valley doesn’t differ from the kitchen sink'
  5. They have a cool name. It's simple, it's easy to remember and it's inconspicuous. 
  • 'In The Sun' is cute and catchy. It's the sort of song that tells you everything is going to be okay. 
  • 'I Thought I saw your Face Today' from the first Volume.
  • 'Don't Look Back' from Vol 2.
  • 'Turn to White' from Vol 3.
  • I love their cover of 'Fool's Rush in' (Originally sung by Ricky Nelson) It's a great song and it really suits Zooey.
  • The music video of 'Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?' is really cute.
  • I also like the 'Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? Bank Dance Video' with Joseph Gordon Levitt. 
  • 'I Could've Been Your Girl' is from the latest album.
  • 'Stars Fall on Alabama' cover. In this cover Mr ward plays a guitar behind his head. 
So far She & Him have four albums: Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3 and a Christmas Album titled 'A Very She & Him Christmas'. I own all of these and their Christmas album is the only Christmas album that I own. So far my favourite album is Volume 2, but I haven't really listened to Volume 3 much since I got it, so it is possible that I will have a new favourite.

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