Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's Tuesday Heres Some Unconventional Fashion Advice for the Unconventional

I can't promise that these Ideas won't be considered dorky by people who exude normalcy...
So lately I've been trying to think of some new blog ideas. I don't write enough on here and the blog tends to resemble a book blog rather than a blog about everything. This is probably great for other readers out there, but I thought "hey wouldn't it be nice to write something for those who like to play dress ups too?". I'm not saying that bookish people don't like to play dress-ups (I sure do), but I wanted to put something on here for my non-reading followers.

Dressing nicely can be expensive. Fashion Magazines all sell, sell, sell and tell us to go and buy some new fan dangle thing to make us look prettier. Actually, I think it is more like one fan dangle thing per page plus extra. So after buying a lot of the sorts of things that I thought would go with everything I have ended up with a lot of patterned clothes (because patterns can go with a lot of different plain-coloured things...) that don't match each other, And some plainer clothes that I just don't wear, I've been trying to reinvent my wardrobe by thinking out of the box when I style it.

1) Chiffon is GREAT for Cheating:
-Because chiffon is sheer you can wear different colours underneath it for a fresh look. I have lots of chiffon (and other sheer fabrics) blouses that I wear different coloured singlets underneath.

2)Create a waist:
-Tops that are smock-y or that are straight-up-and-down can be given a waist with a belt, ribbon tied into a bow or fabric gathered and pinned with a brooch.

3)Fake conservative:
-A ribbon tied a round the neck, a silk scarf, a men's tie, a bow pinned the top of a blouse or a detachable collar, can give clothes a quirky look. Another way to get this effect is by layering normal tops/dresses over collared shirts.

-I'm not telling you to go buy some bling. Most people already have heaps of it. Different jewellery makes a difference.

5)Tuck or Belt your winter wear:
Yep, Apparently it's now trendy to tuck your sweater into your jeans...

1) Forget necklaces, just buy pendants:
-On etsy and ebay pendants can be purchased for very little amounts of money. Especially if you buy in bulk. Just thread it onto a ribbon or an existing chain and new necklace!

2) Shoes and Hosiery makes a difference:
-White socks don't go with everything.
-I recently bought my self some cheap flats from a department store and they make a huge difference to some of my outfits.

3)Go Basic, but not too basic:
-Things like a good jacket, an evening bag and a hat are all things that women need, And they need to match a lot of things. Go for neutral colours, but don't go for plain and boring designs. Pick something in a unique cut/texture or that has small details.

1)Swap or add buttons:
-You could add buttons to  shoulder of a shirt or swap the existing buttons for another colour or style.

2)Dye Dye Dye:
-You could be like Topaz from 'I Capture The Castle' and dye faded clothes a different colour. Tip: Don't go overboard with the dye. You don't want to dye your whole wardrobe one colour and you certainly don't want to dye your skin.

3)It's in the Trim:
-Adding a bit of lace to the neckline of a plain top or the bottom of a skirt can make all the difference.

I hope that was inspiring.

Your Favourite Blogger,

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