Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen

The Peach Keeper

Pages: 273
Genre: Adult, Magical Realism
Release Date: 2011
Publisher: Hodder and Stroughton
Bought: Online

Welcome to Walls of Water, North Carolina, a place where secrets run thicker than the town's famous fog.

Once upon a time, Willa Jackson's family owned the beautiful house on the top of the ridge. Now it symbolises her family's ruin and a legacy Willa longs to escape from.

Paxton Osgood also yearns to break free, especially from her parents' expectations, and the heartbreak of unrequited love. Desperate for a distraction, she decides to restore the empty mansion to its former glory.

But the discovery of a long-buried secret, a friendship that defies time, and a touch of magic, will transform both women's lives in ways they would never have expected.

I was a little hesitant to read 'The Peach Keeper', because it was the last of Sarah Addison Allen's novels that I had left to read. I was apprehensive not only because of my obviously high expectations, but because this is last Allen novel in print and I don't know how long it could be before another one comes out or even if there will be another one. As usual Allen's work lives up to my expectations, but I can't say that I'm sure about the latter.

Once again I was charmed by the characters and settings created by this author. While she continues to write magical realism set in small towns, 'The Peach Keeper' does retain some individuality. Each town she creates has it's own quirky details and while the characters in each novel do seem to have similar resentments about staying or leaving the town, there are plenty of other issues and goings-on that separate one book from another.

Also, with 'The Peach Keeper' I may have to say that I have just found a new favourite Sarah Addison Allen novel. This does change each time I read one of her books, but I don't rate any of them higher than another. They are all at the highest possible rating. I think I enjoyed this one the most because there were little bit's of the story that I resonated with.

There was only one bit of the story that I didn't really get and that was a little incident that happened in one of the earlier chapters. It was entertaining, but wasn't really explained. I don't know if the writer did this on purpose or not. One could assume what happened, but never be sure...

'The Peach Keeper' is also a companion novel to 'Garden Spells'. There is a small portion of the book where characters from the two novels intersect and I know that other Sarah Addison Allen fans will be pleased with this.

Overall -and as always with anything by this writer- 5stars and a favourite. I know the review isn't huge, but I think I've pretty much got all I can about the "charming small-town settings" and "dreamy characters" written down in reviews about the other books. I recommend this to anyone who likes this author, sweet foods and/or daydreaming about finding love in the grocery store.

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Wall-to-wall books said...

Ahhh yay! This one was my favorite too! But I loved them all.

Mrs Q Book Addict said...

I'm really glad that you enjoyed this one. I haven't read any of her books, but I would love to start with Garden Spells.

Debra's Book Cafe said...

Great review!! :-)