Sunday, December 18, 2011

IMM/Book Haul: Bits and pieces

I didn't get a whole lot this week, but still enough worth mentioning. Instead I have been reading like crazy due to a throat infection that has made me improsined in my parents house. I have also sadly been attempting to write a story. I think I am much more suited to writing with a pen rather than a screen to begin with. I have had some lovely people commenting on my posts lately which is wonderful, but please remember if you really like my blog to follow it. Thankyou.


'Crescendo' by Becca Fitzpatrick (Simon and Schuster)
-I have heard that it is not as good as 'Hush Hush', but after receiving a surprise copy of 'Silence' I thought I had better ask for a copy of the second book anyway. Who knows I might actually like it?

'Hallowed' by Cynthia Hand (Harper Collins)
-Another surprise. I have considered reading 'Unearthly', but there was always some other book that had me enticed so I just never got around to getting myself a copy. So here is another sequel requiring a previous book. I am actually very interested to read it now that I see Richelle mead and Melissa Marr have commented on how good it was.

'A life in Stitches' by Rachael Herron (Harper Collins)
-Adult fiction I think. About life and yarn. And how those two things interlope with each other like threads being knitted together.

What did you get in your mail box?
Your Favourite Blogger,

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Kelly said...

Oooh, Crescendo. I loved it, and the cover is gorgeous. I'm really excited to read Hallowed. That cover is also gorgeous. Happy reading!