Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Crushing on... Dance

Yes I have gotten into it again. I have been watching SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE and now all I want to do is dance. I used to go to classes. I started classes in grade 3 (eight years of age) until half way through last year (17 years of age) when I gave up. Frankly I still loved to dance, but my dance teacher's heart was not in it anymore.

The dance teacher ended up selling her business to an accredited teacher (yes my dance teacher didn't hav her piece of paper) who is apparently even snottier and doesn't really have fun classes. So I can't really go to classes. After watching movies like 'Burlesque', 'Centre Stage: Turn it up' and 'Honey2' I have realised that I don't need classes. All I need is a large space and music.

I have realised just now that this is not true. I need decent shoes because yesterday my feet got all burned up from doing turns barefoot on the vinyl and today when I actually found my old foot thongs i realised how uncomfortable they are. So I should probably go on ebay and buy a pair of 2nd hand jazz boots. I never actually got to wear a pair of the black boots. I had camel coloured jazz shoes when I was younger and by the time I got to the age group for the boots my teacher had started buying dance sneakers.

There were many things that didn't go my way when I went to an actual dance school. I only did one ballet exam.  Our teacher promised that  wee would keep doing exams even if there was only one person. A few years later she did a vote and decided that there weren't enough students to do ballet exams or practice ballet exercises. I think in the end I probably learnt up to level three, but I have only ever had one exam.

So I never learnt to dance on point. This wasn't such a big deal for me because I've seen centre stage and what happens to their feet is not pretty. The shoes are gorgeous though... Like many of the beautiful costumes (and don't forget the ugly costumes) I wore in my years of dance. Also the numerous workshops I went to and the cool people I met.

So why did I stop? I was sick of people bothering me about doing ballet. I was sick of competitions and cattiness in and out of dance class. I didn't like the pressure of eisteddfods and concerts. I didn't like having to be perfect. I wasn't flexible enough.

So now I dance in the front room of our house. Ipod plugged into blaring speakers, barefoot, daggy shirt and shorts, hair out and like no one is watching (even though dad will probably pop his head in at any minute) because I can. It's not exactly a conventional way to get my excercise, but it's fun.

-Argentine Tango
-Hip Hop

I've only really been taught Jazz and Modern.

Reptillia- The Strokes
You Don't Own The Road- The Kills
Ain't No other Man- Christina Aguilera
Cooler than me- Mike Posner
Blow- Kesha

Enough about me. Do you like to dance?
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