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Literary Influence on style part two.

Now rather than blabbing about books that famous designers and stylish celebrities lust for I am now going to give some actual truths to this foresight that we readers have into the fashion world...

The one thing that really makes a book an inspiration to the world of fashion is either it's popularity or it's ability to survive the years(Much like the famous black studded burberry heels that have dominated the late 00s and the little black dress). The first, being a popular book, needs to be more than a bestseller. If everyone around the world is raving about or showing interest in a book it is a good sign that it might contain vital fashion material. And, if the book is being made into a film, It becomes almost a certainty. Books that survive the years AKA 'the classics' have their own resurgences and it is then that fans of the novel can interpret the style within.

Antonia Fraser's book "Marie Antoinette" had a large influence on the catwalks of 2008 and 2007

The Bell Jar had a resurgence of readers in the late 90s and early 00s with movies like "Reality Bites", "Heathers" and  "10 things I hate about you" (and shows like "Gilmore Girls") all making minor references to the book. Anyone who was a Kat Stratford following feminist or an Anti-conformist was into reading "The Bell Jar". Not only has this somewhat created a trend amongst avid readers, but a reading trend amongst anyone who can read. The popularity of the book has created an increase in the popularity of older clothing items which were almost out-dated even by the time the trend came around. 
The Above Picture is a fashion layout from a blogpost I found.
It was dated January 2010.
One of the Famous covers of the book.

The influence of this book on fashion is not documented on famous sites like Vogue and Instyle, but is widely listed on sites like Tumblr and on blogs. I believe the cove was a big part of a resurgence in Maryjane shoes and old-style skirts and dresses. I think it was a large part of how goth became girly, besides the Japanese influences.

Books that were always popular like 'Alice in wonderland' and 'The Wizard of Oz' have also always found their way into fashion. Red shoes have been made widely popular by both books as the shoes veer onto front and back covers, illustrations, movies and more.
^Above Vivienne Westwood's 'Naughty Alice' Perfume. 
^Donatella Versace's take on Alice in Wonderland.
^ A Fashion editorial where Chloe Sevigny is Alice
^Gwen Stefani's "what you waiting for?" music video

Rodarte's Fall2011 Wizard of Oz reference

The great Gatsby:
^Proenzer Shouler's "The Great Gatsby" Inspired Collection from 2007


1) Water for elephants by Sara Gruen
The book has been out for a while and a movie version has hit the big screen. With an actor like Robert Pattinson, this book is likely to have a big influence on the fashion world. I'm thinking 1940's style safari wear and caberet style outfits. Sequins, lace, finging, satin, feathers, pin curls and high waisted shorts. Bright showy colours like magenta, teal, aquamarine, purple, bright blue. Any other magician/circuis/showgirl type book is also likely to show itself in the next 12months

2)The woman in Black by Susan Hill
Is soon to be a movie with Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe. In 2012. Again, another popular actor. I'm thinking that designers will be creating a very slick gothic look for their runways. 

3)The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald
Yes I know. It is already a fashion sensation. It is However, about to be come an even bigger one. The book is going to be a movie next year. Including some top actors...

4)Revolutionary Road
Since it made it's way to the big screen it has been on my to-read/wishlist list. It's one of those books that is supposed to really define the era it was set in. 

Thats all I've got for you today.
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