Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday I'm In love...

Hi Everyone,
This is a new meme I'm starting. You can go along with it or not. I don't think I'm going to have any particular theme. I am just going to blurt out my weekly loves in a post.

Well this is of course where the idea for the meme begins. "Friday I'm in love" is a great song. Ridiculously hilarious music video, but brilliant never the less. "Just like heaven" is my favourite song of theirs, but it didn't have a day in the title so I didn't pick that one. I'm a big fan of theirs and I don't know all of the songs, but I have a fair few favourites: "Lullaby", "Pictures of you", "the kiss", "Elise"....

Going along with that theme... There is grunge. The Cure are grunge and so are The Smiths, Radiohead and a few others. Atleast I think they are. I have recently added these and some other bands to my music collection within the past year when I discovered them. And, Radiohead has a new album out this year! YAY

My friend and I were struggling to come up with ideas for codenames and language in times of secrecy. It was when watching an episode of "How I Met Your Mother" that I came up with an idea to use my favourite Movie/Show/Book Jargon in real life.
Ten things I hate about You:
Meaning: The guy you like has a sister and she is evil, hence she becomes "THE SHREW"

How I Met Your Mother:
-The Rabbit / Duck Episode
Word- Rabbit   Word-duck
Meaning : in the book Barney is holding there is a picture of a Rabbit and a Duck. He says that sometimes it is hard to tell the difference (in the picture is a funny shape that can be interpreted as a rabbit or a duck) and that rabbits are evil whilst ducks are good. So if someone is a Rabbit it means that it was difficult to tell if they were good or bad, but they are in fact bad And Vice Versa

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath:
Name- Buddy Willard
Meaning: Guys who have double standards when it comes to the degrees of Sluttyness in regards to Men and Women. You  know the ones. "Hey You Whore"(He talks to a lady slut), "Hey you Legend" (He talks to a man Slut) Also, these type of men like to sleep around before they settle down and when they do settle down they want a virgin bride.

Because she was just so Awesome. I loved her before I read the Bell Jar because of Kat Stratford. And then I read "THE BELL JAR" and then "Ariel" and then "Johnny Panic and The bible of dreams".  She's not depressing to read. She was just really insightful.

OMG I looooove Polyvore, but the recent influx of awesome tumblr Pics has made it so much better. They have a picture of a model sticking her head in the oven, A bunch of pictures of stockinged up feet. And Movie Quote Pictures.

and Last of All...

Awesome Antique, witchy looking houses. I watched this movie called "THe Good witches Garden" and her house was Amazing. When I grow up I want a house like that one... Except maybe smaller and a lighter colour scheme.

And Now Finish with some PICS:
Ones from tumblr of course.

Credits: She is Just a Paper Doll -Tumblr (First three)
Audrey Hepburn Complex- Tumblr
Drowning in pearls- Tumblr
Beaute Fragil- Tumblr

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