Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thankyou Internet...

At times the internet can make me mad -furious even- at how dodgy it is or how difficult it is to function. Today is a good day and while it's still on a bit of a go slow(as always) I just wanted to take time to thank 'it' or the creators of 'it' for the may things that 'it' allows us to do from the comfort of our own homes. So today I'm willing to forgive and forget the slowness.

Today I have managed to purchase things from another country via internet and even with postage those items were cheaper! The internet allows us to buy through many outlets and to purchase many things that aren't available to people who live in small towns or that are cheaper than normal store price. If it wasn't for the net I wouldn't own many of the books I own or cd's I've listened too or skirts that I've worn countless times. And while I do have to wait for the items to arrive I think that the time it takes just adds more excitement and appreciation for the items.

Apart from the many things you can buy on the net, 'it' also allows me to get many things for free. There are online sites that specialize in online books that people can view via ipod, iphone or regular mobile phone for free, There are DIY sites where people share new ideas and patterns, Places where we can get recipes and well-being tips, And, competitions that you can enter. That's the great thing about the internet - it's not all about money!

And, of course  there's the email service, facebook, twitter, youtube. There are several ways to communicate and express ourselves. In the old days if you wanted to make something known you would hold up a sign and march around town shouting at the top of your lungs. Now you can create a blog and rant many meaningless crazy things, because the world is your oyster. You've also got your artistic sites(things like Polyvore and Tumblr).

Ok, I get it, I'm getting carried away.  So yes thank you internet for giving me endless opportunities for procrastination, enjoyment and everything else under the sun.
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