Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another Book haul...

So I didn't need any books. I know that. I have counted how many I own that have still not been read. Trust me you do not want to know. I didn't even have these on my wishlist either, but you know how it goes. You see something you've heard about before and you see the pretty cover, the cheap price (in some cases average) and book buying addiction steps in. You pay for it almost unconsciously and you think afterwards "If I saw these books online, would I go through all the bother of begging my mother to put her credit card details in for these specific novels?" I think not, know not and yet I still bought them anyway. So now I am going to tell you about what reasons I possibly had for buying the following apart from the fact that I had money and wanted to spend it.
^'Those Faraday Girls' by Monica McInerney
I read 'At Home with the Templetons' a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it and I guess I was desperate to  try another one of her books. I wasn't crazy about the cover though. I'm always reluctant to buy books unless they are beautiful. Yes I know it's superficial and shallow and that you will only ever see the spine on the shelf, but that's just me. It wasn't exactly cheap either, but it was cheaper than what 'At home with the templetons' was like on clearance, so I guess that was my rationalization  towards the purchase.

>'Breakfast at Tiffany's' by Truman Capote
This was actually on my wishlist, but I was hoping to get a different cover here also. There was a time and place when I was in love with the orange penguin covers. That time has passed. This book however was quite cheap. Around $6. So I guess this was the most reasonable purchase of the day.
^'Here lies Bridget' by Paige Harbison
I am not really sure at all why I got this. I'm not really into morbid stuff and I thought it might be a little morbid. However the whole thing about a mean girl dying won me over. I know you're not supposed to have death-wishes for  people and I never have, but I think sometimes people get so frustrated that books about bad people dying just ease the anger. The girl on the cover looks a bit like the girl off 'Covert Affairs' the TV show.

>'Prophecy of the Sisters' by Michelle Zink
I hadn't even heard of this until recently when I went on one of those vlog channels on youtube where a girl had only just bought this book because she had heard people comparing it to the 'Gemma Doyle Trilogy' by Libba Bray. I adored the trilogy, so I just had to get this when I saw it. And the cover is just enchanting, so If i don't like it i'm sure it will be a nice artistic addition to my

So that's all I got. Not a Big spender this week. I was actually planning to do this book Haul earlier, but I was hoping I could show you all the book I've been waiting on. It didn't arrive in the mail, so I'm hoping it's only delayed because of the public hollidays and not lost in the post.

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