Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Style Crush

1) WINONA RYDER and LEONARDO DE CAPRIO (as Romeo Montague)

I loved Winona's style in "Reality Bites" and "Autumn in Newyork". The whole thing about mens' boots is considered very fashionable at the moment and while other people may disagree i think there is a resurgence of her look coming back in. The things I like about her style was the ability to pull off a short hair cut while still looking quite feminine and the manstyle shirts and blouses she used to wear.

Equally as brilliant Leonardo de caprio's style in "Romeo and Juliet" was very close to that of Winona's. Notice the similarity in hair cuts. The great thing about a woman being able to pull off a man's style i think is that she can make that statement and say "I can wear what you wear and look much more beautiful". It's kind of like in the seventies and early sixties when feminism came about and women started wearing trousers.

To make this look work:
-Invest in a few lipsticks in different neutral shades (things like orange and pinky brown are good as well) to show off the femininity of painted lips
-If you have peirced ears wear studs to maximise masculinity
-Invest in alot of t shirts and mannish blouses and blazers
-Team long straight skirts with man-style tops and blazers
-Team pants with lacy camisoles and an unbuttoned shirt or blouse.
-Wear brogues or Military style boots
-Wear simple peices of jewellery
-jewellery that has links in it or is oxidised silver works well.
-Offset manish peices with old-fashioned items like high waisted shorts or clogs.

Get Inspired by:
-Alexa Chung
-Agyness Dean
-Coco Avant Chanel
-Reality Bites
-Orlando BLoom

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