Monday, February 28, 2011

Get Some Funk in Your Step

Five things you can do in five minutes (each) to update your look.

1) Change the way your hair is parted
2) Put on lipstick
3) add a belt (not for babydoll styles) or a simple ribbon tied around the waist.
4) change your earrings
5) Minimalism and layering: Try removing any unnecessary layers for a minimalist look or try adding another layer (hosiery etc) if your look is too plain.

Some interesting colour ideas and how you can use them in your wardrobe

One Fluorescent colour matched with  whites, creams, greys and pastels.

Looks good with:
-Tailored and well cut items
-Chiffon, Satin and cotton
-Point toed shoes or sandals

Teals, Dark Blues and Purples worn with animal print

How to wear it:
-choose one dark colour and wear with an animal print
-with metallic items
-Dark Blue and Purple worn together

BLack, Navy, Grey, Gold and Silver

Looks good with:
-Leather and lace fabrics
-Opaques tights or stockings
-Heels and Wedges
-Chunky Jewelley

beige, caramel and mustard colours

Wear with:
-sunset colours: Maroon, Tangerine, Brown
-greys, navys, blacks, very dark purples
-olive greens and cherry red

Songs to put some funk in your step(and your ears):
1) Hang me up to dry - Cold War Kids
2) Do Wah Do - Kate Nash
3) Juice box - The strokes
4) Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
5) Kiss with a fist- Florence and the machine
6) Can't shake it- Kate Miller-heidke
7) Sunday Morning- No doubt
8) Baby did a bad thing- Chris Isaak
9) In the sun- She and him
10) Cherry lips - Garbage

Try something new:
-Put Mascara on your lower lash line (only). You can enhance the effect by using light eyeshadow underneath and blending  into natural skin tone.
-Wear a long-sleeved  blouse as a blazer. Chiffon ones work well in warmer weather and thicker ones work well in autumn.
-Wear a ribbon as a necklace. like marie antoinette did.
-Lace ankle socks with heals

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