Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Musings of a Quirky Person

-The Distant Hours by Kate Morton
An Intriguing tale about the secrets and mysteries of a mothers past. "The Distant Hours" was written by an Australian author and has an exquisite cover that was purely designed for the Australian audience.
-The Third Angel by Alice Hoffman
This book also has a bit of family history in it. I quite enjoyed the little theory about how there were three angels and how you found out at the end where the lives of the people intersected. It was a quick read and was a nice fresh story.
-The Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray
An enchanting sight into the victorian era. Based at a girls boarding school the trilogy follows the character Gemma Doyle through the secret door into the realms. I quite enjoyed the three novels except for a few moments where the novel was at times quite daft. However this is expected of  a YA Fantasy. I still quite enjoyed them and would read them again.

-Between Two Lungs by Florence and the Machine (Deluxe edition of 'Lungs' Album)
While "Lungs" was a great debut album for this british band, the deluxe album comes with a prettier cover and includes a second cd. Those who don't believe in the benefits of Special Editions will be surprised by "BirdSong" "Heavy In Your Arms" and some remixes of the famous tunes
-I Believe You Liar by Washington
New Aussie Songstress and ARIA winner is sitting right up in the ranks of contemporaries like Kate Nash. Each song proves a great listen and the quirky album artwork is to-die-for.
Also Note:
Both Lenka and The Strokes have released new singles.

After seeing "Easy A" at the movie last year a whole new watchlist of 80's movies i hadn't heard of until then have emerged themselves.
-Say Anything starring John Cusack
-Can't Buy Me Love starring Patrick Dempsey
-Benny and Joon starring Johnny Depp

Kate MortonFlorence and the Machine and Audrey Hepburn Complex

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