Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Masculine Boots for cheap

Ok. So i am just about fed up with hearing all these people on Polyvore whininng about how they saw some really cool boots, but they can't afford them. So here are some ideas for all you polyvorians out there that want some manyly boots.
Where to Buy Your Manly Boots:

  • First of all if these are black or brown Dr martens you are after scour through your local Discount clothing stores and such in the mens department. They may not be designer but these boots will be just as comfy and just as manly looking aswell as saving you alot of money.
  • If it's cowboy boots you're after have a look in a rural shop or equestrian shop to compare prices. Because girly cowboy boots are quite common these days you can often find them lurking around K-mart in winter.
  • I have also found mens evening shoes in both K-mart and thrift stores to be quite quirky looking and to have the Winona ryder quality about them.
  • If you want expensive boots because they have nice embellishments on them than take a leaf out of P.S. I Made This 's book and DIY yourself a pair from the mens section in shoe paint super glue and gems.
How to Style Your Manly Boots:
  • With Over-The -Knee, Knee high or Thigh high socks
  • With Stockings
  • With a full skirt (recently renamed Skater - Skirt by Instyle mag)
  • With a long skirt or a cute dress for the taylor swift effect
  • With leggings and a cute oversized sweater or shirt
Other Manly things that are having a resurgence:

  • Boyfriend Style jackets
  • Oversized mens style shirts (saw some at ICE)
  • Pixie cuts (have been having a resurgence for a while)
For dramatic effect team feminine with masculine.

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