Friday, February 25, 2011

Brooch is the new Black

Here are some ideas for your brooches

SO I recently saw n a college fashion website that there are some great ways to reinvent a blazer that is perhaps too large for the wearer. You can try this with shirts or dresses as well. The idea is to pin the back with a brooch a quick one step innovation and the brooches can be changed to create different looks. Above is a polyvore set i made using heaps of brooches. also there is anothe reinvention method if you are interested.
Click Here for article.

Also included in the items list under the set is Ericka Domesek's "P.s. I made this" which has plenty of ideas like the one above. One of these ideas is to pin a brooch onto some faux pearl necklaces Audrey Hepburn StyleClick Here to see the site.

You can also use your brooches to:

  • pin a scarf in place
  • Pin a necklace to a top
  • pin onto your earrings for a new look
  • pin onto a hair pin
  • pin your head band or head scarf
  • coverup an ugly belt buckle
  • pin a crochet collar or beanie
  • decorate your socks or mary-jane shoes.

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