Sunday, September 18, 2016

Winter Beauty Favourites


Hi Everyone, 
Well winter is over already. I can't believe how quickly it went. Winter didn't get very cold at all and I managed to get through it without buying any new knitwear or jeans. I feel like this was the most eventful part of 2016 yet. It rained a little bit (which is not the usual weather for this season) and I went out a fair few times. I also turned 23, which is something that wouldn't be included in this post if I had of written it on time...

I had a pretty good birthday and I celebrated a few other peoples birthdays too. 

 I feel like I've changed a bit this year and my attitude towards going out has changed (the kind of time you have really depends on where you are and what kind of people you are with). I've had a lot of fun nights and I've made some new friends that I otherwise might not have met. I went to Karaoke at one of the local pubs whenever it was on and it is the most fun I've ever had.

I also decided to spend a little bit more time on some of my hobbies such as guitar. I ordered a new guitar and promised myself I would make more of an effort to learn guitar if I spent more money on it. My guitar hasn't arrived yet, but all the other bits and pieces (pedals, amp, case etc) are here.

I hope you have all enjoyed your winter (or summer if you are from the Northern Hemisphere) and that there is something in this list of favourites that is helpful or entertaining to you in any way. I have decided to include some favourite links to cool videos etc as well. Please note, because this post is late, some of the favourites are very recent early spring discoveries rather than favourites.



- I bought two new lipsticks this winter and I have been wearing them a lot. Revlon Superloustrous in 'Ravish Me Red' is an orangey red, and Loreal Color Riche in 'Carmin St Germain' is a pinky red. They are both very creamy and perfect for this sort of weather.

- I really like the Australis Eyeshadow Primer it isn't completely crease proof, but I think it does an alright job.

- I am in love with the NYX Pin-up Tease Mascara. At first I thought the name was a bit gimmicky, but it really is the nicest mascara I have ever tried. And it is water proof too. 

- I recently got a bottle of the Taylor Swift 'Incredible Things' Perfume and I have been wearing it every day.



- Since I am trying to grow my hair, I have started wearing hair flowers more often. I managed to get some nice ones on sale from ASOS.

- I have really gotten into wearing short shirt-dresses (button up dresses with collars). I really like the way they look with a cardigan and ballet flats. I think they are fun and comfortable, but they are also respectable enough to wear to work.

-I didn't manage to buy any new pairs of jeans  this winter, so I spent most of the colder days (luckily it doesn't get too cold here) with stockings or footless tights on under my dress/skirt. 

-I have been getting a lot of wear out of a black round neck cardigan I bought from Target. I love the 1960s look you get from buttoning the first button on a round neck cardigan.


- 'DNA' by The Kills
- 'Impossible Tracks' by The Kills
- 'Dark Necessities' by Red Hot Chilli Peppers
- 'There Goes That Song Again' by Roy Orbison
- 'One' by U2
- 'Only One' by Sarah Blasko
- 'Nothings Gonna Hurt You Baby' by Cigarettes After Sex

- Pal Joey
- An Affair To Remember



The Kills is one of my favourite bands, so I was pretty stoked to find this video of Jamie Hince talking about his guitar collection. 

Some musicians cover 'Blue Monday' using musical instruments that would have been available in the 1930s, plus a few "alternative" musical instruments (such as wine glasses or playing a saw) I think it is the most inventive cover I have ever seen.

One of the most honestly done Pin Curl tutorials I have seen. 

I think this video was intended for people who want to dress up as Marilyn for a costume party, however I think some aspects of this make-up look could be used everyday if you wanted. I have adopted the under-eye line that she does to fake a "shadow" from the eyelashes.

It says "Lyric Video" but this is actually like a second music video. I think the concept for this clip is awesome.

This is a really lovely cover.

This is a short video of the famous Guitarist The Edge (from the Band U2) playing the intro to 'Where The Streets Have No Name' and talking about the use of a delay pedal in the song.


- I really love the sound of the "Slap" setting on my new TC Electronics Flashback Delay Pedal. (guitar effects pedal)

- I am in love with my new Joyo Ironman 'Space Verb' Reverb Pedal. (guitar effects pedal).

- My parents bought me some Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers movies which I am really looking forward to watching.


I'm looking forward to the warmer spring weather and getting to wear some of my patterned skirts again. I'm also looking forward to getting my new guitar (hopefully it is suitable for what I want) and some other online purchases. My travelling friends might be coming back this way in a month or so and it should be good to catch up with them. 

What are your beauty favourites this season?

Your Favourite Blogger,

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Jessica Cangiano said...

Awesome post, my sweet friend. I always sincerely enjoy hearing about the things that have been catching your eye lately. How fabulous that you're digging shirtwaist dresses. They've been a staple element in my wardrobe for the better part of a couple decades now. I'd say that shirtwaist dresses are actually my go-to garment. They're sort of like what jeans or leggings are so to so many these days. You can dress them up or down, wear them to tons of different places (and events), and they're usually fairly sturdy and easy to clean. I own and wear many mid-century ones, but also really adore 1980s does 40s/50s versions, too, as they're often more budget friendly and a bit easier to find in an array of colours and prices. Highly recommended! :)

Many hugs & happy tail end of September wishes,
♥ Jessica