Friday, April 1, 2016

Mini Update: Natalie Vintage Girl Returns


Hello There,

It has been quite a while since I posted on here and now that I finally have a computer again, I thought I could give you a small update before things get back to normal on the Quirky Vintage Blog.

So at the start of the year I was just being my typical lazy self. I hadn't updated for probably a month or so because I was so caught up in all my little hobbies and obsessions. When I went to move my laptop one night, the back of the screen busted open and it has been in the computer shop until yesterday when I finally got the call to go and collect it. The part that they needed to fix it had been on back order for quite some time. 

To be honest with you all- I'm actually kind of glad my computer broke down. I didn't feel required to write anything for once, so I didn't feel guilty about not writing. I had a legitimate excuse not to write. My fingers actually itched for the keys a couple of times and I'm glad to say I actually have some new ideas for my blog. 

I also don't know if I would have actually had much time to write anything, had my computer not been broken down, because I was involved in something political for a bit.

I would have loved to get stuck into some blog posts that I've been wanting to write, but it felt wrong to just start posting without giving an update first. That, and the fact that I'm too tired to write anything worthwhile tonight. For the past four nights I have been having strange dreams and waking up feeling really tired. They weren't really nightmares, but they definitely weren't "happy" dreams either...

So, what am I going to write now that I'm back? I was thinking a Beauty Favourites post for Summer is way overdue. I'd also like to catch up on some book reviews and beauty reviews. I've got some ideas for some Playlist Posts and for a new segment about some weird social observations that I have. 

I look forward to writing these posts and catching up on some of my favourite blogs. I hope you all had a lovely Easter last weekend. 

Your Favourite Blogger,

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Jessica Cangiano said...

Yay!!! I all but jumped for joy to read that your computer has been fixed at long last (I just touched on that point in the email I sent you about an hour ago). That's awesome news.

I really understand what you mean about there being a silver lining to having been computer-less for a while. Though it certainly created a massive backlog of work for me, I found hidden blessings in being in the same boat during February and think that the experience gave me a clearer perspective on the direction to steer my blog in this year, too.

Here's to hope that having your computer back is just one of many fantastic things that happen to you this autumn!

Big hugs,
♥ Jessica