Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Spring Beauty Favourites

Spring is nearly over and there is only one month till Christmas Day! I cannot believe how quickly the year has gone and I'm feeling a little guilty about the lack of blog posts that have been popping up here in the last three months. I would use the excuse that I have been trying to be more social, but even with the added outings and phone calls I still had plenty of time to write for you guys. Sorry.

The weather is warming up pretty quickly, but at the start of Spring it was still pretty chilly (well for me anyway). We had a few showers of rain too which was nice. I've been spending a lot more time outside than usual and I'm starting to get a ballet-flat-tan-line. I've been walking along the park/beach most weekends and I even wore my swimsuit once. I also went to the pub a couple of times with a friend (was a friend) which is different for me. It's not really my scene and I doubt I will be going there again in the future, though I did have fun there.

I've done a bit more thrifting than usual and I've been waking up a little earlier and getting things done on the weekends. I wouldn't say I've read many books or watched many movies though. I have been focusing so much on the upcoming holidays and organizing gifts etc. There is a possibility of me joining a local art group and maybe participating in some other things, but I'm not going to get my hopes up, because getting even the slightest bit excited about anything seems to result in extra obstacles.

  • I started using a Konjac sponge for cleansing my face and it seems to help my skin a lot. I would highly recommend one to anyone, but advise that it is used gently as it can make skin more sensitive if you "scrub" intensely with it.
  • Nivea Naturals Day Cream (for Normal/Combination skin) is really good. It works well under foundation and you only have to use the smallest bit.
  • Avon Royal Jelly Body Lotion is really good for calming down my skin when it is super sensitive.

  • I really like the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer and I have it in two shades. The Shade 'Fair' is super light and is great for highlighting/brightening under the eyes, and 'Light' is a good match for my skin tone. I use 'Light' to cover up blemishes. 
  • I have been wearing the Colourpop Supershock Highlighter in 'Butterfly Beach' as a blush. I also really like the Sleek Blush in 'Rose Gold'. Both of these options save time because they are a bit of a blush/highlight in one.
  • I have been using the Colourpop Supershock EyeShadow in 'Partridge', 'Mixed Tape' and 'I Spy' quite a bit. Two Eyeshadow Palette's that I have been using a lot are the Sleek Enchanted Forest Palette and the MUA Undressed Palette. I also used a bronze shadow from the Sleek Oh So Special Palette quite a fair bit. I think I wore that bronze shadow just about every-day for a week, which is a long time for me to commit to one shadow. 
  • I tried out the Rimmel Wake Me Up Mascara and found that while it isn't waterproof (which leaves me with black smudges under my eyes thanks to the heat) it doesn't irritate my eyes as much as anything else I have tried. 
  • I wore the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in 'Beeper' and 'Tulle' quite a bit. Both shades are quite dark on me. I also really enjoyed the Colourpop Lippie Stix in 'Dazed' and I rediscovered an old favourite Limecrime Lipstick in 'Retro Futurist'
  • I tried out the Maybelline Brow Drama Mascara in 'Clear' and I think it is a lot better than most I have tried because the comb is really good. 
  • I really like the Real Techniques Eyeshadow Brush Set and have been using the eyeliner brush from it to apply my gel eyeliner. 

  • I dyed my hair a purply brown colour at the start of Spring and it faded due to the shampoo I was using and the amount of sun I've been exposed to. It is now a reddy brown with ashy brown regrowth and a whole bunch of sun-streaks. I kind of like it (except the regrowth part) so I didn't dye it again. I might put a temporary colour in it soon though...
  • I have been using the Schwarzkopf Extra Care BB Hair Beautifier  in conjunction with the other hair products I already use. I think it makes my hair softer. 

  • I've been wearing shorts a bit lately, because you don't have to worry about them blowing up in the breeze when you go outside. 
  • I have also been wearing some of my cute cartoon T-shirts a bit  and I've pulled out my sundresses a couple of times. 
  • I haven't really been putting too much effort in because of the heat and because I didn't want to seem like I was putting in effort, so my whole style philosophy has literally been to pair everything with cat-eye glasses, pointy ballet flats, bright/dark lipstick and my frame bag, And hope that was enough to look classy.


Here are some songs I've really been enjoying:
  • 'We'll Meet Again' by She & Him (Cover of Vera Lynn)
  • 'Teach Me Tonight' by She & Him (Dinah Washington cover)
  • 'Happy' by Marina and The Diamonds
  • 'Am I Ever Going To See Your Face Again' by The Angels
  • 'First Comes The Night' by Chris Isaak
  • 'What Am I To You?' by Norah Jones
  • 'Dani California' by Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • 'What You Need' by INXS
  • 'Battle Born' by The Killers
  • 'Heart's Content' by Brandi Carlile

  • I saw 'The Dressmaker' in cinema with Mum and I really enjoyed it. I wouldn't watch it again though.
  • I watched 'The Best of Me' which I was really looking forward to. I was kind of disappointed by it.
  • I watched 'Delicacy' which is a french movie starring Audrey Tautou and I really enjoyed it.
  • I also finally saw 'Con Air' and 'Miss Congeniality' which I enjoyed. I know you all probably can't believe that I hadn't seen those movies until now...
  • I read 'First Frost' by Sarah Addison Allen which I thought was amazing and I will review it at some point for you all.

  • I have been walking a lot at the beach/park and am spending more time enjoying my surroundings and appreciating them. 
  • I have been learning more about my MBTI personality type which I think is really interesting. It makes me feel like less of a freak to know that the things I do are actually pretty normal for people with the same personality type as me.
  • I faced a few small fears. Nothing major, And I still have a ridiculous amount of fears, but baby steps...

I am looking forward to Christmas and I hope it is a lot more positive and exciting than last year! I really enjoy this time of year as I get a lengthy holiday from work and I can escape the summer heat all day by hiding out in the air-conned lounge room with a good book or movie. I am also looking forward to trying out some "out-there" make-up looks which would not be appropriate for the workplace. 

If you would like to follow the image source for the photo click on the "❀" symbol. 

Did you discover any new favourites this season?

Your Favourite Blogger,

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Cute little list of lovely summer things! It's fun to read what you've been up too. :) ❤

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