Sunday, August 2, 2015

Outfit Post and Update: A Rock 'n' Roll Weekend, Tap Class and a Haircut


A neighboring town recently had their pin-up competition and car show which reminded me that I never got around to writing a blog post for the Rock 'n' Roll weekend I attended back in May. I also decided to include  a photo of my new tap shoes and haircut, which I haven't managed to show you all yet. The shoes and the hair aren't too exciting, but I think it's worth a mention. 


On the Saturday night I went to a dinner dance at our local PCYC. There was a Rock 'n' Roll band, a roast dinner and a photographer. I wore a dress that was probably more 1930s than 1950s, but I figured it was vintage appropriate and that was good enough for me. I really like the style of skirt for dancing in and while I don't think I danced that much during the night I did manage to get photographed on the dance floor by our local newspaper photographer.

While I don't take dance Rock 'n' Roll dance classes anymore, I still really enjoy that style of dance and highly recommend it if you are into vintage. There are a couple of variations and I'm not one hundred percent sure on their technical names. The style I like the most is referred to as a "Two Step".

^The dress. These photos aren't the greatest and yes I did filter them. So what? I did plan to wear these shoes again for the pin-up comp, but my feet were a little sore from dancing the next day. 

^With the cardigan on. The crochet collar is super cute.

^My nails for the weekend. A french manicure would have probably been more accurate, but I'm a nail stamping addict, so I went with one of the simpler designs. For details on what I'm used visit my  Manicures 2015 Album on Facebook.

^My Trusty Grosby dancing shoes. I wish they came in more colours. I also wore those earrings, had an umbrella/girl pin on my dress, used that purse and wore Besame Cosmetics Lipstick in 'Merlot'.

Overall, I had a really fun night. I think most of the fun definitely started later on when the majority of the crowd left. The band played a few favourites from other eras then (like the 40s, the eighties, etc). I honestly think any kind of dinner dance is heaps of fun and I wish there were more cool events like this to go to during the rest of the year. 


The next day we had the pin up competition. We had to walk down a cat walk and do a few poses for the camera and the crowd, while someone read out a short Biography we'd written. There was also a car show going on around us. I didn't place in this competition, but I didn't really expect to and I still had fun which is what it's all about. 

^My poses got a little more sophisticated as the weekend progressed. I'm wearing all vintage appropriate clothing. Nothing is actually vintage or by a Repro brand.

^I was trying to channel an "Effortlessly Graceful" vibe with this outfit. It's not what you'd typically expect when you think of "Pin-up" or Rockabilly, but I think these clothes are timeless and they suit my figure. 

^These are the accessories. You can't see the heart seam stockings in my photos. The Round sunnies with the silver tops are the sunglasses I wore for the event. I was given the cat eye ones as a participation prize. Unfortunately those ones are a bit big for my little head, but they do look pretty in my sunglasses case. 

^Some of my outfit inspiration for the weekend. 

Overall, I had a really good time that weekend and I definitely look forward to May next year. I don't know that I will enter the Pin-up contest again next year, but I will definitely be going along to the Dinner dance and car show anyway. Any excuse to dress up and dance to some good music!

I also got my hair cut a little shorter and choppier in style. I had a weigh line before and was getting sick of how thick and unmanageable my hair was. Now I can do a little bit more with it. It's more "modern" looking, but it's a little easier to style in the mornings, so that is okay with me. I am sorry if you can't really see much with my sunglasses in the way.

These are the tap shoes people requested to see. They are not too exciting. These are the kinds of tap shoes I have always worn. I had to get a size too big because of my weird shaped feet, but if I wear fluffy socks with them they fit perfectly. A bit annoying, but as far as I can remember with tap shoes it's always been that way. My tap teacher is really big on the "Bootmen" style of dancing, which I don't mind, but I will always still think of Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and Gene Kelly as the masters of this style. 

I have also been trying to choreograph something else either Jazz or contemporary, but I just can't pick a song. Any recommendations are welcome :)

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Your Favourite Blogger,

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Jessica Cangiano said...

You look so great! I absolutely adore your current haircut. It's immensely becoming and has such a great Audrey-esque quality to it. Thank you for the fun update on some of what's been transpiring on your end lately. I swear, between this post and our emails, you're making me miss (being able to) tap dance so much. Thankfully I can always watch great classic movies that include it (of which, bless folks like Fred and Ginger, there's no shortage) get my fix there.

I hope that August is off to a great start for you, sweet gal. It was so lovely to see you here this weekend.

Tons of hugs,
♥ Jessica