Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Autumn Favourites: Beauty/Style/Music


I thought it might be time to write a post about my seasonal favourites. It's not quite the end of Autumn yet, however I usually write these things when there are a few weeks of the season to go. A lot of these favourites are products that I've only started using recently. I went to an Agriculture Trade Show for work and I bought some beauty products to travel with, that I really enjoyed. 

I've also done a fair bit of Itunes and CD shopping. This is mostly because of getting back into dancing and experimenting with different music. I have also re-discovered some old favourites. So I have a fair few music favourites for Autumn. 

Like I said in another recent post; it has only just started to cool down, so the kinds of products I have been using have changed a lot over the last couple of weeks. This might not be the most informative favourites for that reason. I've been a little busy with different things and I'm hoping to catch up on some blogging soon, but until then I hope this is enough. Feel free to let me know your favourite things in the comments.


  • My face isn't exactly looking great at the moment. I've got a fair bit of acne and I think it's due to a combination of a few things which include not drinking enough water. I've tried a bunch of different beauty products, And, I have no idea if some of them are working because of how new they are. I will let you know the names anyway though. I started using the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel on my face. My skin is covered in blemishes, but it's also kind of sensitive and dry... And, I thought I would try out the whole theory about how your skin creates oil because it's dry... It soaks in your skin, so it actually feels like you have nothing on and it makes your skin real soft. I still like the feeling of having something on my skin though, so I use another moisturizer on top. At night that other moisturiser is the Good Things Manuka Honey Daily Moisturiser
  • I have been using the Garnier Pure Deep Pore Wash . I don't know if it works that good, but I like that it foams up. I've tried mixing in tea-tree oil with it like I used to with my Neutrogena stuff, but it doesn't foam up as much if you do that. 
  • I have also been using the St Ives Smooth + Hydrated Oatmeal Scrub. It makes my skin feel super soft afterwards and it's not really harsh on my skin like some scrubs are. 
  • I have been using the Avon Naturals Blueberry and Orchid Body Wash which smells amazing and makes my skin feel clean without irritating it. 
  • I have really been loving the Avon Skin So Soft Signature Silk Body Lotion which has macadamia oil in it. It is really nice especially now that the weather is cooling down. 
  • Before my Avon order came I was using the Derma Sukin Body Lotion and Body Wash. I really liked these items, but I think they are probably better in summery weather.
  • I recently tried the Natio Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF 50+ which I think worked pretty well. Admittedly I didn't go out in the sun heaps when I wore it, but it doesn't feel super gross on my skin and I didn't seem to be affected by the sunlight much at all. 
  • I started using the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Ultimate Keratin Styling Mouse recently. I really like how I could brush it out or wash it out without my hair feeling damaged or gross. I have pretty dark hair and I didn't have a whole lot of build up when I brushed it out which I thought was amazing. I don't think I will use this all the time as it is a little stiffer and heavier than the kind of hair product I like to use, but it is always good to have something like this for a day out or a night out. 
  • Not the last time I died my hair, but the time before that, I used a Garnier OLIA hair dye. I really like the conditioner that comes with it as it is so rich. I have only just finished using it, so it's a pretty decent size to get with a hair dye!

  • I've been loving the Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick in 'Rum Raisin'. It is a beautiful warm mid-toned brown colour. I think it's very flattering and it's a nice alternative to a cool toned Kylie Jenner type colour. 
  • I also really like the NYX Creamy Round Lipstick in 'Snow White' because it is the perfect maroon colour. Almost a dupe for Limecrime's 'Glamour 101'.
  • I have been wearing the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in 'Pink Truffle' quite a bit. I love the nude colour and how conditioning it is.
  • I am also really impressed with the Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick in 'Mauve Allure' which is a really flattering mauve colour. It has SPF in it, but it doesn't taste yuck like some lipstick with SPF do. And, it actually does feel like it protects your lips.
  • I have been using the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'Bad to the Bronze' a lot lately. It's a cream base, but I still like to put a primer underneath because I have oily eyelids. It's a build-able medium bronze shade that you can wear with a lot of different looks. It's the kind of colour that can be worn by itself or used underneath darker shadows.
  • I recently tried out the Maybelline Mineral Foundation which I was really surprised by. It is a little drying and possibly a little darker than I would like, but it is good for daytime if you just want to blur some imperfections and warm up your skin. 
  • I re-discovered the Calvin Klein Velvet Blush in 'Flush with Desire' which I have had forever. My aunty gave my sister and I Calvin Klein gift sets one birthday or Christmas or something, And the blush in my set was a really flattering pink colour. One of those colours that suits most looks and probably most skin-tones. 
  • I managed to get some Target Velvet Touch 40D Footless Tights on clearance because of a change in packaging. I forgot how much I liked these kind of tights. 
  • I am really liking medium-long skirts at the moment. They are perfect for this weather. 
  • I recently bought three pairs of Ballet Flats from Target that have padded soles. They were super comfy and affordable.
  • I also really like the Target Spa Aloe Vera Singlets they are the perfect length and they last ages. 

  • I have been loving this Aussie band called The Preatures at the moment. My favourite songs so far are 'Cruel', 'Take a Card', 'Somebody's Talking' and 'Is This How You Feel?'
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers 'Can't Stop', 'Dani California', 'Zephyr' and 'Factory of Faith' have been getting a lot of playtime in my car lately. 
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah's 'Sacriledge' and 'Softshock
  • 'Never Fade' Jack Johnson
  • 'Bang Bang' by
  • 'Fool' Joe Brooks
  • I found my old jazz cafe cd. I really like 'Take Five' by Quincy Jones and 'My Baby Just Cares For Me' by Mel Torme.
  • 'Black and Gold' (Acoustic Version) by Sam Sparrow
  • 'Treasure' by Bruno Mars and 'Uptown Funk' by Mark Ronson (Feat Bruno Mars)
  • I am also really loving my retro beauty cases which came in handy for a recent trip. You might have seen these on facebook recently.
  • Music videos: whoever came up with the idea to make video footage to match music is really cool. You have to admit it is a kind of random idea. I could watch music videos forever. I think they are kind of comforting. 
  • I really like this nail colour I wore last week. It was 'Vacation Time' by Sinful Colors  and it was a brown/pink kind of colour. I have really been enjoying brown/grey type colours lately. I find them strangely flattering. 


I feel like I've gone back to basics and that most of my favourites are things that are really "simple" and useful or things that I used to love a long time ago, that I just remembered. Such as the Jazz cafe CD that I got from a $2 store when I was in primary school. I think I would really like to listen to more jazz music. 

Your Favourite Blogger,


Jessica Cangiano said...

Gosh, do I love your blog. You post such detailed, enjoyable entries, my dear, complete with photos that always make me swoon. I mean, just look at that first lady in her culottes. Could she be any cooler? I think not! :)

Big hugs & happy autumn wishes,
♥ Jessica

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

You are too nice ! I am glad that you enjoy reading it. It means so much to me that someone who inspires me also enjoys reading what I write.

And that girl in the first pic? I know right! I love that era at the moment. The round sunglasses and the pouty lips and the beach pajamas are all so bad ass! plus the length of the bottoms and the fact that she's carting a jumper, remind me so much of the way that i feel during this season.