Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mini-Update: The Point of Dancing


I love to dance, but I'm not a huge fan of some of the politics involved. Which is why I've decided to give up on Jiving and spend some time choreographing a jazz routine instead. I call it DIY dance class and it's turning out to be pretty fun. Tap dance class is a big maybe as I'm waiting for my teacher to get back to me on whether we have a class or not.

After hearing some of the discussion regarding dance schools in this town I think some people have completely forgotten the whole point of it all. I thought the point was to have fun, to enjoy the music, to learn new steps, stay fit  and to try your best. The most important part is to enjoy it, because it is a hobby after all.

I have been downloading some new Itunes songs and I've recently bought some new music that I'm enjoying mucking around with. Sometimes it's a bit surprising what music you can pair with certain styles. I love finding acoustic versions and remixes to dance to. I don't really have a reason to be making up a routine and I doubt I will be performing it for anyone. I'm just dancing because it's heaps of fun.

What is one of your favourite hobbies?

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Jessica Cangiano said...

Oh no, I'm very sorry that you ran into those kinds of issues, sweet dear. The fact that you didn't feel fully welcomed and comfortable in a dance class setting just breaks my heart. I commend you though big time for wanting to stick with dance all the same though and for taking things into your own hands with a DIY approach.

Fingers and (dance shoe clad) toes crossed that this proves to be way more rewarding, enjoyable, and less stressful for you.

♥ Jessica