Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pretty Picture Post: Famous 1950s Models

Hi Everyone,

It's been a little while since I have published a picture post on the blog, so I thought I might do something different and share some pictures of 1950's models. Movie stars and iconic designs are usually what comes to mind when I think of vintage fashions. I don't think people take as much notice of the famous models from the era compared to modern day models which are always in the tabloids (or on ninemsn). 

I know that models generally don't style their own outfits, but I adore the way that these women were dressed. I love the poise and the glamour that exudes from these photographs. And, I adore the way that they are made up; defined highly arched brows, thick pointed winged eyeliner, bold painted lips, coiffed hair and jewels galore. I have decided to use the models names as the link to the image source. I have included two pictures of each model in black/white.

With their slender bodies and tiny little waists (they must have waist trained, surely? to get so small), their graceful poses and painted faces; these models are like ballerinas in couture. These 1950s fashion photos are so stylish that they make me want to put in just a little bit more effort and be clever with my style choices. While the photos are black/white and I cannot tell exactly what the colours are, I do feel more inspired to choose those basic tones (well you get in trouble for calling them colours) after admiring these 1950s pictures. 

I hope you enjoyed the picture post. 

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Jessica Cangiano said...

Absolutely gorgeous, thorough roundup of of some of the first super model's work. Like many, I have a soft spot of Dovima (and, as a bit of a related side note, adore her name, too), but really do enjoy seeing and certainly appreciate the work of all these ladies. They put in many, many long days and worked their stylish tails off for a absolute fraction of what their peers would start to garner in the decades to follow. I really wonder what, say, Suzy Parker would think if she heard about supes making millions nowadays!

Big hugs & tons of happy wishes for the coming week,
♥ Jessica