Friday, January 9, 2015

Style Crush: What's inspiring my Style in 2015


I never usually do a post like this for the beginning of the year. I don't think I've ever sat down and thought about how my style would change in the new year. I scrolled across a post by Chronically Vintage and it got me thinking that maybe I would like to have a go at writing something similar. I don't think I will follow this through 100% or the year, but these are definitely the things that I am into right now, so I thought maybe I would share them with you.

I thought I would do this in sections rather than by number and share a few pictures in each section. Some of the things are things that I am interested in this year are things that I already own, which is great because I can't really afford to be spending heaps of money. I hope you guys find this interesting and maybe even get inspired to come up with a list for yourselves.

So as you will probably all know by now, the Pantone colour of the year is Marsala. I think it's a bit of a wishy washy kind of colour as some people are showing it as more of a wine-red, while others are saying it's more of a browny-pink shade. I do like a lot of those kinds of colours and I don't think it's really that surprising a choice for 2015 considering all of the warm-toned make-up palettes making their way onto the market at the end of 2014. 

 Where I live in Queensland Maroon-y shades are pretty much a staple around State of Origin time. I already own a few skirts in wine-red type colours and I have an endless supply of mauve and wine lipsticks. I also really like Taupe and Fawn which complement this shade nicely.


I got a blue car in 2014 and thanks to my obsession with fairytales and Lana Del Rey's Jackie O'Kennedy inspired outfit in 'National Anthem' I have been a little obsessed with blue. Mostly purple toned blues, though I also do really like blue in general. I have bought a few bits and pieces in blue and I'm thinking about wearing it on my nails a little more often.

Blue is a colour I have never really bothered with too much, but I'm now starting to realise what a versatile and magical colour it can be. I think it goes really well with my colouring and suits a variety of make-up looks. 


I am also really liking warm-toned metallics and peachy shades. I think they complement my skin/eyes/hair so well and I tend to get a lot of complements when I wear them. I think peachy colours can be very summery and healthy looking on my pale skin.


I love a lot of colours and my absolute favourite have for most part been slightly blue-toned greens such as mint, teal and emerald. For example I really like the colour of the dress in the photo above, but I'm not so sure about the colour of  the grass...  I don't really plan on wearing the colour a lot, but I do own a fair bit of green (especially shoes) so it's kind of inevitable.

1990s & Early 2000s STYLE ERA:
I know a lot of vintage bloggers aren't really keen on the Nineties and don't really like people calling it vintage. I agree that it shouldn't be called vintage, however there were some good things about the nineties that a lot of people forget. I also get really annoyed with the Kylie Jenner nineties tag. She was a baby in the nineties, she wears brown lipstick, so what. I decided to include 2000s as some of these things did cross over into the 00s. 

Most of these photos are of musicians/actresses. I didn't read vogue in the 90s because I couldn't read yet then... One of my favourite things about the era was the resurgence of  trends/styles from other eras, but with a twist.


Leopard print had a comeback. I really liked the leopard print dresses and skirts of the Nineties and 00s. I have wanted to wear leopard print since seeing Alison Mosshart from The Kills wearing a button up leopard print top. Unfortunately I have had a bit of bad luck ordering leopard print tops that weren't the best fit. Hopefully in 2015 I can finally make leopard print work for me.


1960s style shift dresses made a comeback, but were paired with patforms or chunky heels instead of Gogo boots. Shirley Manson wore a few different ones, the most famous one probably being the pink dress she wore in the 'Only happy when it Rains' music video in 1995. 


I really liked the 70s floral dresses the Lisbon sisters wore on 'Virgin Suicides' movie. I can't say for sure if floral dresses came back into fashion, but I know the 70s straight hairstyle and platform shoes definitely did. 


I also really liked the 90s take on 50s sunglasses. Okay, well technically this photo is from 'Looking for Alibrandi, which was shot in 2000, but I did see Melissa Joan Hart wear something similar in an early episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


I also really like some typical 90s things. Like Alicia Silversone's sheer blouse collection, Winona Ryder's Red Carpet dresses, Drew Barrymore's garland, Katie Holme's dark brown lipstick, Velvet everything and vampy colours. As you can probably tell I am more into the grunge side of things, but I don't mind a bit of preppy gingham print either...

There are a few things I want to improve on. I guess it seems a little posh to have style resolutions, but the way I see it resolutions aren't really a limited thing and I don't see any harm in getting better at being dressed better. 

1. Keep it Simple:
I really love doing the full face thing, but sometimes I think I look just as nice with filled in brows, a bold lip and a tiny bit of liner smudged into my lashes. I think I would still like to do some nice eyeshadow looks when I have time, but I don't want to be caking my face with powder everyday, my skin just doesn't like it.

2. Don't be afraid to wear things that actually fit nice.
I really like wearing baggy clothes because it's comfortable and it makes ordering online a little easier. I still like my baggy clothes and sometimes being tall and skinny means you have to go a size up to get the length right. I just need to learn that when I do come across something that actually fits I shouldn't be afraid to wear it.

3. Reach Layering/Accessorising Level Expert:
I think Layering and accessorising are the two things I am least confident with. Probably just because I have too many options. 

4. Ensure Practicality:
I am usually pretty good at making sure my outfits are practical, however I tend to forget about this when I am buying stuff...

I hope you all enjoyed my post and will go over to the Chronically Vintage post I got the idea from. What's inspiring your style for 2015?

Your Favourite Blogger,


Natalie_vintage_girl said...

*Edit* And ofcourse who (like me) could forget the slip dresses, some of which seemed a little 20s or 30s inspired...

Jessica Cangiano said...

Ooohh, can I add your whole post to my 2015 inspiration list, too? :) Lovely, varied, gorgeous images and sources of inspiration, sweet dear. I touched and tickled pink that my post was the jumping off point for your own. It's so fun when we bloggers can - especially fittingly so in this case - inspire one another like that.

Here's to a marvelous and very stylish 2015!

♥ Jessica

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

You Surely can :)