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Beauty Review: Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadow

Since I now own all of the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadows (that were available) I thought it was about time to do a review on them. I obviously am a bit of a fan seeing as I have so many of these, but I thought I might share my thoughts with you all about the different shades available and any tips I have regarding application. I believe these cost around $11.95 each and I bought mine from a range of different places including Priceline, Big W, Target and Yes Style. 

According to the Maybelline website some of the cream gel shadows are not available anymore. This includes the 'Metals' range, so I will note which shades are no longer available in this review. Some of the metals shades might still be available on Priceline or Target websites as clearance items. I know that some different Limited Edition shades came out in the USA, but I haven't seen any of those available for purchase in Australia. Also because these have such a long name I might just refer to them as Color Tattoos or Cream Gel Shadows. 

^This is what the packaging looks like. It's a glass container with a black plastic lid. I haven't dropped these from a height or anything, so I can't really tell you how robust it is. I actually store mine upside down so I can see the colours better when I am searching for them. Because the formula is quite thick I don't have to worry about it falling out into the lid.

These are a little drier than a typical cream eyeshadow. The formula reminds me a lot of the Maybelline Dream Mousse products (from years ago) and also the formula of gel eyeliners. I find that these can get a little clumpy so you have to apply it lightly and build it up slowly.

Now according to many beauty bloggers and youtubers these shadows don't require a primer. That may be true for them, but I have super greasy eyelids, and I cannot wear these for more than four hours without a primer without them creasing on me... If you have greasy eyelids do wear a primer underneath. I use the Limecrime waterproof one and I have found that these shadows last more than ten hours with a good primer underneath. 

This differs to shade so I will include notes in the shade description. Overall, I would say that most of these have a fairly decent colour payoff. In some cases the shadow is a little sheer, but it is easily built up without looking or feeling heavy on the lid. 

These are designed to be applied with the finger, but sometimes I find it can be difficult to get into the corners neatly, so if you have an eyeliner brush or concealer brush I would recommend using that if you have any difficulty getting into the corners. The color tattoos can be worn alone or with shadow over the top. I usually like to wear it with a different colour in the crease to at least add some definition and to prevent harsh lines. It can be fun to layer colours over the top as this can create a chromatic effect and add dimension. I haven't tried using any of these as liners, because they are possibly too sheer and would need building. 

^From Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
Bad to the Bronze, Tough as Taupe, Pomegranate Punk (no longer available), Painted Purple, Barely Branded (Metals- no longer available), Too Cool, Inked in Pink (Metals -no longer available), Silver Strike (Metals- no longer available), Bold Gold, Edgy Emerald, Electric Blue (Metals- no longer available), Tenacious Teal.

*Please note this picture was taken in indoor lighting and the paper used was an off-white colour.

^From Left to Right:
Tenacious Teal, Electric Blue, Edgy Emerald, Bold Gold, Silver Strike, Inked in Pink, Too Cool, Barely Branded, Painted Purple, Pomegranate Punk, Tough as Taupe, Bad to the Bronze

*Italics used for unavailable shades.

My Thoughts on Each Shadow:
I have decided to include the "unavailable" shades in case they bring it back or one of you come across it on clearance. 

- This is a really pretty bright shade, but it's not overly versatile, so if you are on a budget I would recommend skipping this one. 
- Quite pigmented.

- Also, not really a practical shade. 
-Highly pigmented

-The first shade I bought.
-Great if you love light greens. 
-Flattering for those gals with brown eyes. 
-Buildable Colour

-Extremely Pretty
-Looks More Glittery than Shimmery
-Can be lightly dabbed in the inner corner or over another eye shadow to create the illusion of using glitter or pigments.

-Has a sheer Glittery appearance, but is buildable.
-I don't wear it a lot because it is bright tin-man silver and it can look a little weird with my sallow complexion.

-Gets a lot of wear.
-Good colour payoff
-A dull sort of pink that goes with a lot of looks
-Honestly don't understand why it is discontinued...

-My Least favourite as the formula is really clumpy
-Not very wearable
-I use this as a brow highlight when I want an extreme highlight and that is probably the only time I ever really use it.

-Quite sheer, but very wearable
-I probably wear this shade the most.
-A Champagne/Beige Shade.
-Also, why did you discontinue it Maybelline?

-Very Sheer
-Not As Shimmery as the other colours
-Not a very wearable colour.

-A Pretty Burgundy colour with bronze glitters in it, that looks deceivingly good in the pot and suits hardly anyone.
- Understand them discontinuing this.
-Only buy on clearance if you have hazel eyes (more toward green) and can master a smoky eye...
-I sometimes wear it really blended down with gold in the centre of the lid and a really dark purple in the crease.

-The only Matte shade
-Not great for wearing under other shadows because it's almost too pigmented. 
-A great wear alone shade
-Grey/Dark Brown kind of colour.
-I use this as an Eyebrow product.

- Flattering and wearable. 
- This is a must have shade.
- I love this shade...

^From Left to Right:
Colour Tattoo in 'Inked in Pink-Discontinued), Pink Shadow from the Sleek 'So Special' palette, Pink Shadow worn over the top of 'Inked in Pink'

*As you can see the effect created from layering a shadow in similar colour over the color tattoo is very metallic.

^Here I blended a darker shadow from the 'So special' palette into the 'Inked in Pink' shadow so you can see how well the shades blend and how 3D the Color Tattoo looks with shadows layered over the top.


As always, I hope this review was helpful to you all. I really enjoy the Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadows. I do hope that Maybelline will reconsider their discontinued lines and consider adding more wearable shades to their permanent line. I would also like to see more matte shades. I think these shadows have really made a difference to my make-up and are a great asset to have in your make-up collection especially if you like your eyeshadow to last a long time.

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