Sunday, November 9, 2014

Haul/Update: Long Overdue

Hi guys,
It seems like it has been ages since I sat down and wrote about what was actually happening in my life. Since my last post, I have had a birthday (way back in September), bought a tonne of things, painted my nails a bunch of times and was even featured in one of Chronically Vintage's Vintage Link Love Posts. So I guess it has been eventful, but then maybe it just seems that way because I haven't typed up one of these in too long!

I also went to a deportment/etiquette style class. It wasn't quite what I expected as it turned out to be more about "personal development" and presentation skills. I was a little displeased that the book said that heart shaped faces don't suit short hair and eventually ended up deciding the book was a liar as I have probably gotten the most complements I have ever gotten on my hair after I cut it short and my hairdresser freaks out if I tell her I am thinking about growing it. I like my hair and I won't let anyone or any book tell me to cut it different. I decided to buy an actual etiquette book now...

I did get a lot of great things for my birthday, but I can't include it all here because #1 the pictures will go on forever and also #2 because sometimes I think birthday presents should be kind of private and #3 because I got a lot of jewellery and I don't want y'all to see it and then it won't be as special when/if I ever do more outfit posts...

And, like I said I also bought a lot... So, some of these things will be grouped or won't be included. I still have more stuff coming in the mail...

^Me on my birthday! 

^Just some of the jewellery I got. I love these necklaces my mum bought me.

^More super cute Minnie Toys from my sister. 

Like I said I got a lot more for my birthday, but I wasn't able to share everything and I honestly feel a little uneasy sharing some gifts. I had a great birthday and got super spoiled. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on that day :)

^I bought some sunnies and faux glasses from Fashion Addict AU. I ended up ditching the faux clear glasses as they were too big for my face (along with some of my other cheapy pairs from ebay) and purchased two more pairs of faux glasses from ebay.

^Here is me at a rally in September wearing one of my pairs of faux glasses. I do have actual glasses, but I only need those for reading and I thought these faux ones would be a sweet idea for night time excursions, especially because I seem to get dust in my eyes a lot. My allergies/hay fever do not agree with this dust...

^Dad put these shelves together for me. A great place to keep all my DVDs, CDs and VCRs.

^I got some new make-up storage and bought more make-up. I keep my make-up in my bedroom on my bed-side table. If you would like I might do a make-up storage/collection blog post for you all once my new make-up has all arrived (maybe after Christmas). I am not going to worry about showing you what I bought recently because I may be doing some beauty posts soon! I hope...

^I got some Picture Polish polishes and some glitter top coats when I went shopping. My sister also got me some 'MUD' nail polishes for my birthday which I forgot to include.

^I bought these Moyou plates from Picture Polish as well.

^I picked this up 2nd hand on Fishpond. 

^Art/style inspiration.

^To add to my library.

^Some books I picked up shopping out of town.

^I bought some dance DVDs to try out. 

^Yes I bought this. My sister and I used to listen to this group when we were little. Nostalgia took over and I ordered it. Ordered the spice girls as well. 

^Bought some guitar pedals from Artist Guitars. I really like the chorus one. This brand is so cheap and is great if you want to try out effects pedals without paying heaps of money.

I bought a new bag. It looks green but it's actually a grey/blue colour. I really like it and think it will be really practical.

^I have been trying out more make-up looks and posting them to Facebook. I did this one today. 

^Here is one from a couple of weeks ago. 

As usual visit my Nails Album on Facebook to read the details.

I also made two more pinterest boards. May Your Summer dresses be more Exciting than your social life and Aquamarine Summers. As you can tell I am excited about wearing some shorts and sundresses! I think the one thing that really goes with summer is being social, so I might need to give that a go too.

I hope you have all had a fabulous Halloween/couple of weeks. 

Your Favourite Blogger,

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