Sunday, June 22, 2014

Haul/Update/Outfit Post: Superboats and Manicures

Hi guys,
I have had a busy weekend hanging out at the Superboat races this weekend. I usually wouldn't go to something like that, but it was really just such an honor that our town was chosen for the event and with so many local businesses participating how could I not go? I thought seeing as I wouldn't be posting anything else this weekend I may as well do a bit of a haul and update for you guys as well. 

I guess it's probably a bit cheesy to wear a nautical themed scarf with a striped top by the seaside, but I couldn't help it. It's winter here at the moment, but thanks to the sun I didn't have to rug up too much. And no, the boats behind me were not the same kind of boats that were racing. I am really happy with the faux denim pants which are by mix apparel from Coles. 

This outfit was from Sunday. I really only got the camera out on Sunday, but I also attended races on Saturday and a street market on Saturday night. I could have taken plenty of pictures, but to be honest I am not really in the practice of taking pictures. I have managed to purchase a Fuji Finepix s6800 camera, but have hardly used it because I don't really feel like I know what I am doing. I will definitely have to start to practice taking pictures with it! Especially seeing as I go to all of the effort of looking nice and I barely socialize or participate in anything...

All of the pictures taken today (on Sunday) have been taken with my mobile phone because I didn't want to lug my Fuji around.

This is me on the 5 minute drive home. Yes, we live that close to the beach. I am wearing some sleek eye shadows and an orange lipstick by limecrime called 'My beautiful rocket'. And a slightly pink nose from that sun...

^These are the photos I took from my seat. I tried to zoom in for you guys, but then all you get is pixels.  The weather was beautiful all weekend and there were helicopters flying around as well. There was also a news crew which is exciting. On Saturday morning there was a solo roulette which was pretty amazing.  At the night markets the boats were put on display in the street. There were also market stalls at the boat races on the Sunday. 

^ These pics were taken between races on Sunday. I took them from the marina where we watched the races. 

So overall it was a pretty amazing weekend and if anything like that ever comes your way I totally recommend it. Even if you aren't remotely interested in boats. 

Okay, so now onto the haul:

^ I bought this ballet shoe ornament when I went op-shopping the weekend before last. I have a few white porcelain/china things on my chest of drawers and I thought this would look nice with them. It seems fitting because I really adore ballet, but it also makes me a little sad that not long after purchasing it I realised that my own ballet class has little interest and probably won't be continuing for much longer. Here's to hoping there is some dance style out there for me to learn in this town. Either that or it's back to improvising contemporary to slow Elvis songs...

^I bought a Beatles compilation which has 2 CDs. It includes a lot of songs from the early years, speeches/interviews, demos, false-starts and live versions. My only complaint is that the songs are so short compared to modern songs. Listening once is not enough...

^I finally got 'Ultraviolence' by Lana Del Rey on CD. It's the Deluxe version which came with extra songs and picture postcards. I feel like this album is a bit dark and slow compared to 'Born to Die', but in a good way. Some of the songs seem a bit crude and harsh, but after a while you realise that they aren't all to be taken literally. Some of them are back-lash at speculative reviewers. At the moment my favourites are 'Sad Girl', 'Money Power Glory' and 'F@$%ed My Way Up To The Top' (I know the last one surprised me too).

^I got some Avon. I got some pearl sets with different colours (which I did not photograph), some make-up (which I am considering doing some separate posts on) and these nail colours. I can't wait to use them! Especially the red, because I hardly ever wear red nail polish.

^I bought some DVDs (what's new?LOL) which include 'All about Eve', 'Fairfield Road', 'Spicks and Specks: The Picks of Spicks and Specks', 'Home for Christmas' and 'Street Dance'. 'Spicks and Specks' is an Aussie music quiz show that features guest appearances from comedians and musicians. If you haven't heard of it I seriously recommend you check it out. Australia also has 'Rockwiz' which is a  little bit similar. Both shows usually feature up and coming acts from Australia, but sometimes high profile acts from Australia/other countries will be featured which is quite exciting.

^Another Op-shop purchase is a Henry Mancini record. I think I already have 'Moon River' on about three other records, but I thought It would be nice to hear some other songs on the list (the ones that I haven't already heard that is). I am in love with the cover. 

And, now for the manicure pictures:

^Mum's nails I stamped with the Sailor and Mermaid Plates by Moyou.

^When I first got my princess plates by Moyou.

^The other hand, because the stamp dried up.

^A yellow manicure with white lace stamped over. This manicure was inspired by Anna from the Australian TV show 'A Place to Call Home' and her yellow dress. 

^I stamped these nails with the Moyou Scholar plate.

And finally:

^Here is a picture I took of the sky from my back yard, on my new camera. It had been stormy that day. The sunset was more beautiful, but it had pretty much gone, by the time I figured my camera out. 

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?

Your Favourite Blogger,


Jessica Cangiano said...

You are rocking mint green eyes and orange lips better than I've ever seen anyone wear that combo (granted it's not the most common one ever, but I have certainly seen it before, especially when green eye shadow was really having a moment a couple years ago). The two look sensational with your brunette looks and fair skin. Gorgeous!!!

Congrats all of your great new finds!
♥ Jessica

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

Thanks :) I love trying to recreate some of the brighter sixties style makeup looks. It can be a bit of a challenge!