Saturday, March 15, 2014

Update & Haul: Movies, Makeup, Glasses and News!

Hi guys,
I went for a drive yesterday to get my car serviced and I did a little bit of shopping. Sad thing is, most of those purchases were make-up so I won't be showing them off in this haul because most of the makeup I have been buying isn't going in a haul. The reason for that is because if I tend to like something I want to get a bit of a collection growing. I have the longest list of beauty reviews to do and  a few things coming in the mail. After I get most of the things I want and clean my room I would like to do a make-up collection/storage post for you all. 

^I got these flowers and went for lunch with the family I work for because I completed my Diploma in Business Administration. In case you didn't already know I work in the office at a farm which is owned by a local family. 

I am also going to be entering a pin-up pageant in May. That's right! Our small little town is actually having an event and it will be a "vintage" style event which I love. While I do love the pin-up style, my own style isn't quite as bold and bright so this will be a bit of a change. I have bought a top for the event, but I don't think I will show you it, because I want it to be a surprise. I'm also not sure if that's the one I will use either.

I also got some new reading glasses. These are the better pair. I usually go for plastic frames and bigger lenses. Both pairs sit a bit low on my face because the bridge of my nose sits a bit low compared to most people apparently. I also can't push them right up (which would look better) because my eyelashes touch the lenses and I can't blink properly. 

^Here is my other pair. Gee don't I look so happy? LOL. These are probably a bit big for my face shape, but it doesn't matter so much because they were free in the deal and I am going to use them as my "home" pair. I think I did alright choosing them considering that I only had a thin mirror and a sales person to help me decide which ones. 

^Just in case you haven't already seen the pictures I put on facebook, here is another. I am pretty proud of these. It's the second attempt I've had at nail stamping. I can't wait to try out more designs soon.

^I've also been doing a lot of shimmery eye-makeup lately using my Maybelline Colour Tattoos and Sleek palettes. I have been trying a bunch of blended or colour gradient kinds of looks. If you would like a tutorial let me know. In this picture I have got just a clear mascara on. I'm thinking about getting a black mascara to coat my lashes just for the colour. I don't want clumping or lengthening or volume or anything like that. I've got enough eyelashes as it is. I just want them to look black.

^I also got this sunglasses case. My mum bought it for me from a garage sale and it's awesome. I've got all my sunnies inside bar two pairs (my daggy "yard" pair and my spare "driving" pair).

^ This is one bit of make-up I will include, which was my Sleek MakeUP order. 

^I am so excited to read this book! 

^And I got all of these movies. Some just because they were cheap, some classics and some Disney!

Oh! And, I also figured out my recording feature on my record player. So I now have at least half the 'Grease' soundtrack on my USB. It records pretty well. It doesn't sound static-y at all thought it does pause a little if the record "jumps".

Sorry If you've already seen so many of these pictures on Facebook. 

How was your week? Did you get anything nice at the shops or in the mail?

Your Favourite Blogger,


Jessica Cangiano said...

There's quite the abundance of awesomeness at work in this post, dear gal!!! That sunglasses case is awesome! Way to score, mom! I really like your new reading glasses as well. They're very flattering with your face shape. How exciting that you're going to be entering a local pin-up contest! I wish you scores of luck there and hope you'll share more about it after the fact with us.

Have a fantastic, fun filled weekend!
♥ Jessica

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

thanks :)