Saturday, November 9, 2013

5 DIY Projects That I Have Been Planning Forever

It's not very often that I finish a DIY project or that I am happy with the end result. I certainly like to indulge in DIY inspiration and spend time going through the process of beginning a project, but most of the time it just doesn't really happen. I would like to think that at some point these projects will happen and I suppose that it's highly likely that they will happen, just later than originally anticipated. After all, Christmas will be coming up soon and it's at Christmas that I always seem to get the Craft Bug.

I'm always interested to read about the craft projects that people undertake on their blogs and I never really have anything to share with these accomplished people; seeing as my list of achievements in the DIY department are insignificant. And, while I know it will take me a long time to do the projects I dream of, I do get excited about them and I do want to share them with people. So here it goes, 5 projects I have been planning forever:

I learned to crochet in grade 6. I haven't really advanced much since then, but I still find it to be fun. I also started making a square blanket then and I have around 60 or so squares sitting in a bag in the top of my old cupboard. By the time I had made what seemed like enough squares I realised that I had grown and that the blanket wouldn't be big enough. The blanket is supposed to be an Ice cream rug because it consists of Nepolitan colours. I have had difficulty matching up the same shade of brown for later squares so there's an awful lot of pink. 

I have a bad habit of taking in unwanted clothes (or buying second hand clothes) that are in bad need of an alteration. I have one particular dress that I inherited from an old work-mate that desperately needs to be hemmed, but I keep putting it off. Poor dress will just have to wait a little longer... I also have a bit of a collection of Men's shirts that I have been planning to make into skirts. My last attempt was a bit of a fail and it ended up being a top, but I still haven't figured out what I am doing with the straps... I 

I have also attempted to make a few berets and crochet collars over the years. I am not overly impressed with how the collars turned out, but the berets do look sweet. I have seen a lot  of cute lacy vintage style patterns for crochet hats, capes and scarves, but I'm not so sure about trying them out. While I do understand abbreviations I'm not so sure about the repeating, increasing, decreasing or where-the-stitch-is-actually-supposed-to-go parts of the pattern and I prefer to just make stuff up, instead of following the pattern. There are also some really cute crochet flowers books out there -it seems like they have endless possibilities- but, that means more patterns...

Earlier this year I acquired a book about the art of hat making. It's mainly meant for fascinators and felt hats for race day, but there were a few old fashioned 20's style head pieces and this cute flowered hat that had to be pinned into the wearer's hair. It got me inspired, but I would need to buy the materials online and I haven't gotten around to that part yet.

I have seen a few different DIY projects involving stockings and I thought it would be fun to try them. I did actually try one, but it was a tad lame and the stockings are ruined so I'm not so keen on more attempts.

Do you have any DIY projects in the works?

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Lauren @tear stained said...

I have too many projects in the works to name! Not to mention my long list of ones I haven't even attempted to begin! good luck with getting yours done!!