Sunday, July 14, 2013

Haul/Update: Oh, what's another pair of sunglasses...

 Hi guys,
This week has gone really quickly and the weekend has gone even more quickly! I did receive a fair few things in the mail, but haven't photographed everything. I received a few books, I made something, I got some big online orders in the mail and I didn't want to create a photo heavy post. I've photographed the main things, but I will hopefully have included all of the things that mattered. I am hoping to get some more orders in the mail shortly (like seriously what's new?) and, I have been hoping to go op-shopping, but it just hasn't happened.

In the past week a dog pretty much turned up on our doorstep and made itself at home. It was a big dog that scared us all, but it was friendly enough. We have finally found it a new home (it turns out that the previous owners didn't want it) and are now able to go outside or feed our other animals without fretting about how the big dog will react.

I also finished a book that I have been meaning to review, but I've just been so slack. It's cold and raining and if ever there were a time that I felt like I had S.A.D now is it. I have been watching movies with my mother and reading on my kindle instead of doing anything else productive. I have picked up a few new songs on my guitar and have discovered that my kindle can handle about 5 books before the battery goes flat (that's on a book a week time frame).


'Endless Summer' by Jennifer Echols
-'Endless Summer' was a kindle purchase. It is a bind-up of two books. The second book in the series is not available by itself.

In this pile I have:
- 'The Penny Saving House Hold Helper' that I bought on ModCloth. I have bought a copy for my sister as a sort of Merry Christmas/House Warming present and decided to get myself a copy recently.
-'The Cinderella Moment' by Jennifer Kloester is a surprise review book from Penguin. It looks really cute.
-'Vintage Beauty' by Daniela Turudich is a Fishpond purchase. It's a non-fiction book with vintage recipes for DIY beauty treatments. There are some really interesting recipes in this one!
-Sailor Moon Volume 1. It reads back-to-front like a traditional comic. I used to watch the show when I was younger.

-This is a beret I have crocheted. I have been meaning to crochet a beret in a while and to make some other vintage style yarn hats. The pattern is a bit small and I am going to try it out with a larger hook. I may post the pattern link at a later date if I can get the pattern right.

-On top of it is a pin that I purchased from Fashion Addict Website. 

-Above is a close-up of the pin. Isn't it cute :)

-Here are two lipsticks I purchased from AVON. I actually have three, but the third was a bonus. Yay for deals.
-There are some Nail Art Laqcuers from Fashion Addict Website
-There are some sunglasses from ebay. (I can't believe someone would pay $100 for them, when you can get them so cheap on ebay)
-The bottom sunglasses are from Modcloth. 

-Here is a blusher palette, two eyeshadow palettes and a clear mascara from Sleek cosmetics and some freebie lip butter and body butter from DOLLY magazine.

-I also bought some DVDs, some belts that need to have holes put in them, a mint clutch, a few ebay skirts, a polka dot scarf and some cord jeggings. I really adore the Target jeggings. They are affordable, comfortable and they do actually look like nice fitting skinny jeans. I've always loved corded jeans, but jeggings, just takes it to a whole new level.

I am hoping to do some new posts for you in the next week, but don't get your hopes up! I've got a few beauty reviews planned and some other posts about musings and saving money. I hope that you have all had a good week and that all of you in the US and the UK are enjoying summer! Did you get anything nice in your mailbox this week?

Your Favourite Blogger,


Jessica Cangiano said...

Love your new sunnies, especially the aqua hued ones. I swear, that colour is almost a neutral, it goes with so many different colours (brown and red are two of my faves).

Your beret turned out wonderfully! It's really classic and charming - great work, honey!

♥ Jessica

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

thanks:) yes that teal/aqua colour is one of my favourites. I just love it with black