Sunday, June 2, 2013

Haul/Update: Mostly beauty

^This is what I wore today. It's a children's skirt, my pink tights, an ebay top, asos belt, coles jumper and etsy necklace. I went to my Aunt's house for a birthday brunch as it was my older cousin's (the one I went to see Gatsby with) birthday. I also got to catch up with her sister and her sister's cute little boy. I was probably  way over dressed, but I didn't mind.

^ Here are the tights I was telling you about last week that I forgot to take a picture of. Aren't they just the coolest? I'm thinking they well look nice with a black dress and some black mary-jane style wedges that I have. 

^This week I got one fiction book for review and one of my Fishpond purchases arrived. 'Gloss' by Marilyn Kaye is a YA book from Pan Macmillan set in a fashion magazine headquarters in the sixties. I just adore the cat-eye glasses on the cover. 

^Here is a better picture of the other book (the fishpond purchase). I thought seeing as I was going to see Gatsby, that everyone was  all "1920s! 1920s!", And, that I just adore most things from ye ole days that I would get this. 

^Here are some sunnies I bought from Modcloth. The white ones look and feel pretty amazing if I do say so myself. I love the unusual shape. 

^Here are the cream ones side on with purple sides. These are more flattering than the white pair, but are a bit difficult to get on and off. They aren't uncomfortable to wear, but you end up with awkward marks on your nose. I'm hoping that they will stretch over time like my reading glasses have.

^Here is a perfume order I got online through a chemist site. From left to right: Mariah Carey, 'Sunflowers' by Elizabeth Arden' and 'Vanderbuilt'. I apoplogise for any wrong spellings. I just adore the sweet, light scents of these perfumes. 

^I got some tinted lipbalms seeing as it is getting to be a little colder and sometimes lipstick, just doesn't work in this weather. 

^I also decided to see what this BB cream stuff was all about (I thought it must be an old lady thing, but it says on the back that it is for all ages) and I decided that I am going to kidnap the pressed powder I wore to Gatsby because I really really like it. The powder must be really old, because it was in with the "dance make-up" and I haven't done a dance concert in 4 years and back then it looked old. As far as I can tell for the moment this BB cream stuff is like glorified tinted moisturiser with better matching tones that that horrible tan stuff I used in the early years of high school.

This week I also got some Avon nail polish and an Avon quick dry nail spray, which I did not photograph. I will see how it goes first... I also finally got my adapter lead for my guitar pedals, so guess what I did on Friday night?! I must say, I do have a little bit more experimenting to do, but those pedals are pretty wicked. 

I thought I might try to finish reading 'Tender is the Night', but I just had other things to do and could not be bothered going back to the depressing lives of Nicole and Dick Driver. I swear these novels just make me think thank goodness for divorce. Because, if I ever get into one of those marriages I think "out" would be the solution. 

I also found out that my mum's cousin is going to be staying with us in about a month. This makes me happy because she is a really sweet lady, but it also means that I have to clean the spare room.

Hope you all had a lovely week!

Your Favourite Blogger,


Jessica Cangiano said...

Terrific haul - there's so many absolutely lovely things here. I'd feel like it was Christmas morning if I treated myself to a shopping spree like that! :)

Your outfit is really charming. I sometimes buy things (mostly tops and sweaters) from the kids section, too. I'm petite (barely 5'2") and find they hit a better length (on my frame) than many of the adult versions of the same kinds of garments.

Wishing you a gorgeous June - and wonderful visit with your relative, dear gal!

♥ Jessica

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

Thanks :) I do quite often shout myself to these shopping sprees. It can be quite dangerous. lol. Though, I have found some fairly reasonable priced stores, so as long as I don't go too overboard with it. I am quite thin, but i'm actually more on the tall side, so the I do need to be careful about the length, but I just adore childrens fashion. It's always more colourful than the adults. Wishing you a gorgeous june as well.