Saturday, June 22, 2013

Book Haul, Sunglasses and Hair Styling Fun!

Hello :)
Above is a picture of me in my new sunglasses. I haven't done a haul in a little while so I thought it was about time I posted one for you. I  haven't been posting as much as I would like to and I've got some book purchases (and a review book) that I would like to share with you. As well as some other cute things I bought and some pictures of hair styles that I did last weekend with my sister and cousin with a pack of pins and not much else.


^In the mail I got 'Star Cursed' by Jessica Spotswood (from Penguin for review), 'Wicked Lovely: Desert Tales' (A graphic novel I bought) and 'The Magic of Sabrina The Teenage Witch (Also a comic, but more like an analogy of stories). While I am not really feeling the fantasy genre at the moment 'Star Cursed' is a book that I definitely want to pick up soon! I have already read the Sabrina comic and am contemplating writing a review soon.


^'The Summer I Turned Pretty' by Jenny Han
-I have heard a lot of praise for this series and I would really like to read a summery book as it is cold here at the moment and I'm wishing I was hanging out in the sun like all my US blogger friends

^'The Boys Next Door' by Jennifer Echols
-I haven't actually heard much about this book, but the author seems to be very popular and it looked like a cute fun read.

^'The One That I Want' by Jennifer Echols
- Another book by Jennifer Echols (which seemed like a bit of a gamble seeing as I haven't read any of her books before) and this is a title I have actually heard of before.

^'My Life Next Door' by Huntly Fitzpatrick
-The cover is nice (not that it really matters on a kindle edition) and I have read some really positive reviews about this novel.

^Here are some cat-eye sunnies (pictured at the top of this post as well), some new dangle earrings and a 'tinkerbell' scarf that I purchased from the Lace Affair Shop online. I love the colour of the scarf and am always wanting to buy sunnies. There was a second pair of sunglasses, but they were scratched in transit, I am currently in the process of contacting the shop about it, but I'm not too worried as the sunglasses were fairly cheap.

^I thought I would show you guys an updated picture of my sunglasses collection. No, I didn't buy these all this week. I have previously shown a picture of my collection in This Post back when I had only 4 pairs...

^Here is my new deer plush toy that I bought from this ebay store. Isn't it just cute?! it has the spots on it's back too... And it's wearing my new bookmark around it's neck like a scarf. The book mark was from Bookmark corner.

^This is a bookmark that my mum bought from the same place :) 

So last Sunday we had brunch at my Auntie's house for her birthday and I got bored and pulled some hair pins out of my handbag. Why did I have hairpins in my handbag when I have short hair? Well, I had been seeing a lot of old-school hair tutorials on YouTube and my sister was going to be my guinea pig the day before. She did however decide that she had washing to do (scaredy cat) so I took pins on Sunday. I wasn't letting her get out of that one! I took three pictures of each style.

I didn't have any spray, brushes or curling irons to do these hairstyles so there are a few flyaways and some very obvious pins on show. My sister actually got sick of me after one style so I did my cousin's hair afterwards.

^This is my eleven year old cousin. I wanted to show her an up-do hairstyle and she is now convinced that I am going to do her hair for her year seven graduation. Which I would love to, but that will all depend and I don't want to make any promises I can't keep.

^This is the top of her hair. I created a bit of a flat roll to keep the front of the hair in place. when I was doing the back I put the next top layer of hair in an elastic and did a victory roll underneath. This meant that when I let that layer out and pinned it over the top of the roll the style had a bit of a "pouf" in it.

^Here is a view of the back. I pulled the sides of hair across the roll and pinned at the middle. The ends of the hair are all pin curled under the roll (which at this point is completely concealed from view). Some very obvious pins here...

^Here is a side (well kind-of) view of the overall hair style I created in my sister's hair. My aim was to create a faux-fringe style victory roll at the front and to do side and back victory rolls that sort of joined up to make one big u-shape roll. I kind-of overestimated how much hair she had though and that just wouldn't happen, so I pinned some sort of heart shaped arrangements of pin-curls at the back.

^Here is the top view. You can see that the part is very uneven and the victory roll on the right  is trying to come undone. 

^And, here is the back view, again with the obvious bobby-pins. It  looks so contrasted against the backdrop of a hooded-jumper. LOL

What did you get in the mail box this week? Anything exciting? I hope you all had a good week :)

Your Favourite Blogger,


Jessica Cangiano said...

Not too much arrived in the mail this week (I'm really curbing my spending over the summer, as we've had a lot of big expenses such as car repairs and hefty tax bills this year, with others to follow as the year wraps), but I did luck out and find three pairs of vintage gloves and two cute little vintage brooches at Value Village last Sunday during their 50% off sale, which made me a very happy camper! :)

Love your new sunnies - that frame shape is as classic and timeless as the day is long.

♥ Jessica

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

Thanks. Oh that sucks! luckily I don't have to pay much yet because I still live at home with my mum and dad. I pay board, but it's nothing compared to the expenses of moving out.

The Fashion Awkward said...

Nice post! I'm your new follower! I hope to see you in my blog sometimes Thanks! :)