Friday, May 24, 2013

Winter Promises

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Hi guys,
It's nearly winter where I live (Australia) and that means that it's almost tights weather. Which means that I am really happy because I just adore tights and have a bit of a collection growing (some new ones). Along with tights winter promises other things.

For example, I've got a few promises of my own that I need to follow up on. A room I need to clean, a few posts I've been promising I will do, a few chords I have promised myself that I will learn to play a few movies I would like to watch (Some Marilyn Monroe perhaps). 

Then there are a few promises from others like possible film watching events, a possible lead for my guitar pedal (like they should seriously come in the box with the pedal, I do not care if it costs me extra. It's so hard to find the correct adapter), possible review books (like I really need them).

This week I've had a terrible week. Well, not terrible terrible, no real tragedies, but it has just been backwards for most of the time. I would do something and realise I had done it wrong and then I would forget to fix it. I think it takes me about three attempts to do nearly anything this week. which is why it makes me happy that it is Friday and I can kick-back and relax (put on a movie maybe) and read till late at night in my snuggly warm bed.

How was your week? Is it cold where you live at the moment?

Your Favourite Blogger,

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