Friday, May 10, 2013

Putting On My Lipstick

Hi guys,
Here's another "mini update" for you all"! This week I got some of that pretty lipstick I was telling you about and it's all very beautiful and impressive. Different than expected, but still quite impressive. I've been doing a lot of this (^ what Elizabeth Taylor is doing) lately because of it and feel as if I have morphed into 100% beauty queen mode. I'm hoping to have at least one beauty review up this weekend, but as usual don't hold your breath!

I'm also drooling over this video which I saw just as I began to write this post. I don't think there is much that  Miss Del Rey could do to get on my bad side. Right now I am watching 'Sabrina' (the Audrey version) for like the fifth time since I started watching it. And, this afternoon I was alternating between youtube (old vids of Hole and Garbage performances to be specific) and my new guitar. If anyone has a an idea of any good chord or tab sites please let me know :)

I'm also contemplating twitter for the blog. Mainly because the likes of Courtney Love has twitter and I think that would be something I'd like to follow! Let me know what you think!

Your Favourite Blogger,


Jessica Cangiano said...

Go for it! I'm not the most frequent Twitter user myself (the whole 140 character max and I just never jived that well), but I've had an account there for years and do post periodically. In the past half a year in particular, I've found I've been drawn towards Twitter a little more, so who knows, maybe as time goes on I'll become a prolific Tweeter, too.

♥ Jessica

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

Yeah see I like to talk/type a lot and I would have to be concise. I'm not sure I could manage it...