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Lipstick Review: Glamourflage Lou Allure

I purchased these lipsticks recently and have been contemplating  writing a review of them since. There are things that i like about them and things that I don't like about them. They are not the perfect lipsticks, however I am sad to say that there won't be much point to this review as Glamourflage seems to have removed most of their cosmetic range from their website including these lipsticks. I cannot seem to find any indication anywhere as to whether or not the lipsticks will be released again in the future...

I decided to continue with the review for the likes of those people who have access to any clearance glamourflage lipsticks available in shops. I also, decided to continue with the review as a plea for Glamourflage to please continue with their cosmetics line, as their products do have some good qualities.

^Here is a picture of the Glamourflage lipsticks with the LimeCrime lipsticks I also bought.

Like the review I did of the LimeCrime lipsticks I thought I'd break this one up into categories. The lipsticks will be assessed on packaging, colour, moisture and staying power. I thought I'd also suggest a few beauty looks that could be achieved with the lipsticks.

PACKAGING: While the Glamourflage packaging is really cute, I am worried that it will not outlast the lipsticks. The packaging is made of paper/cardboard and I'm already having difficulty putting the lids on, just after using the lipsticks for a week. I would love to know if there is a lipstick refill style case that these would fit into and how i could transfer the lipsticks...

Also, the names of the colours aren't written on the bottom of the lipstick tube, so I've had to learn to remember which code stands for which colour.

COLOUR: I ordered the 'Teacup Rose' and 'Chestnut'. These colours were not as dark (or as purply) as they looked in the pictures, but they are still really sweet neutral colours. The lipsticks are similar in colour one is darker and more "pink" while the other is more sheer and is a warmer shade. These shades are perfect for those trying to get a toned-down vintage look.

MOISTURE: These lipsticks go on really smooth. They are really luxurious to apply and really moisturising. I tend to wear them over lip balm anyway because my lips are really dry. I think these lipsticks will be great for the up-coming winter months where dryer long-lasting lipsticks will not be getting much use.

STAYING POWER: This is something that the Glamourflage lipsticks lack. Having said that I don't think that  this is what makes or breaks a lipstick. There are plenty of more well-known expensive brands that don't have staying power and it is quite common for moisturising lippies to lack the ability to last.

-For a vintage glow: Highlight cheekbones with a shimmer and apply a hint of mauve or brown to the eyelids.
-For a hint of colour: Sweep on some rosy blusher and apply a soft green or blue shadow.

^This lipstick is the 'Chestnut' one.

^Here is a picture of me wearing 'Tea-cup Rose'.

As you can see the lipsticks are quite similar, but they are definitely not exactly the same. The pictures I took weren't exactly the best, I'm discovering that it is quite difficult to take pictures of things and get accurate colours.

Overall, I really like the lipstick and think They will definitely get a lot of use over this winter. I think if glamourflage made a few changes to the packaging this lipstick would definitely sell. 

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