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Review: Charmed Season 9 Volume 2 (Comic)

Pages: 184
Genre: Comics/Graphic Novels, Fantasy
Release Date: 20/09/2011
Writer: Paul Ruditus
Tess Fowler
Marcio Abreu 
Carlos Granda
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
Bought online.

The girls are back in town Season 9 of Charmed continues in the pages of this graphic novel from Zenescope. Follow along everyone's favorite trio of witches as Paige, Phoebe, and Piper continue their adventures from the hit TV series.

While I really liked Volume 1, I was having a hard time with some of the artists depictions of the characters. and I didn't think the story progressed quickly enough. I enjoyed Volume 2 much more, but I'm not sure if this was because of the comic itself or if I have just become more accustomed to reading in this format, this time around. Regardless of whether you think comics are for you, if you are a charmed fan you'll probably enjoy this.

Though there is still a change of artists through the story (many times) I didn't have any problems figuring out who was who like I did last time. I was actually quite impressed with some of the depictions of the characters, especially the minor characters and I didn't know if this might have had anything to do with getting permission from actors to use their likeness for the face of the characters. I was also quite impressed with some of the composition and some of the ideas for the drawings. For example there is one instance where the girls are talking Telepathically and each of their bodies from the bust upwards are shown coming out of the triquetra. 

I feel like I'm getting used to the comic format now as it was taking me a while to figure out with the first volume that I couldn't just read left to right and that there is up and down as well. I think I've still got to tell myself to slow down, because these books aren't very long and I'm not going to get to enjoy the artwork if I just keep reading through it quickly like some sort of maniac. 

I like that the story is more exciting this time around and that it seems to be well formatted. Each Chapter seemed to fell more like  a "chapter" than a group of pages separated by another title page. I think there was more story in each chapter too. I can imagine that the people buying the original comic books rather than the volume would be more pleased with these chapters than the first book.

I also really liked where the story was going. We get to learn more about the 'Charmed' world (or the witch world) and meet up with some old characters again. I am hoping that some of the characters on the show that didn't have such a happy ending can finally get theirs in the next two volumes. 

Overall, 5 out of 5 stars. I really like the artwork and story-line of this one and it helps that I'm starting to get more used to reading this kind of format. Can't wait to see what happens in Volume 3.

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