Saturday, March 16, 2013

Art, Style and Unusual Films

So it's a Saturday morning and I have been contemplating writing posts all week, but have just been too preoccupied with possibilities for new artworks, my awesome samsung galaxy tab 2 and with making polyvore sets. This post is a mix of a few things I have been considering posting, but was unsure about. I wanted to post some pics of my outfit, post pics of my artworks and talk about some movies I have seen recently.

This is my outfit today. A white T-shirt with black stripes. Courtesy of Coles supermarket. A Target skirt. It's an oyster skirt and I had to stitch all of the belt loops back on because the person who originally made the skirt didn't do a very good job. I don't know if you can see very well, but I have my top-line eyeliner done and there is a mirror necklace on my neck. And, I'm taking pictures of myself in the mirror. 

I'm taking this picture so obviously with the camera poised right in front of my mouth. It's so difficult to take pictures of yourself inconspicuously so I figured I may as well include the camera in the picture. So I am comically covering up my mouth with the camera looking into it like I am really concentrating in the first photo, like I am really curious looking in the second.

I'm not planning on going anywhere today and there is a possibility that I will have to swap the skirt for some daggy shorts to do some outside chores...

^These are some of my artworks. They look a bit pixilated thanks to the snipper tool, but what can you do? The one one the left is an ink drawing I did in my new notebook and the one on the bottom right is a pastel artwork I did. All the rest are gouache. 

I know I've been promising to show these off for a while and a few of the people who answered my survey asked me to flaunt these on the blog so I thought I'd better. I recently got some new art things, so I might be able to do some more and maybe show bigger pictures so you can get a closer look in the future.

Recently I've watched some interesting movies. I've watched 'Life Happens', 'The Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind', 'I am Number 4', 'The Sorcerers Apprentice', 'Once upon a Song' and 'Mirror Mirror'. Those, and some old favourites. Today I think I want to talk about the unusual ones.

Above is a picture form the film 'Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind'. I've had a friend recommend the movie to me and I had high hopes because Kate Winslet and Jim Carey are awesome actors and the storyline sounded cool. I was a little disappointed because it was a little bit too wacky for my liking, but I do give it praise for the analytical thoughts that ensued afterwards. I don't know that I will be watching it again anytime soon, but I think it's worth some discussion.

Basically what happens is that Mr Joel Barrish (Jim Carey) meets a girl named Clementine and he falls in love with her kooky personality. They go out for a while, things start to head south and before it's officially over Clementine decides to do something impulsive and go to this backstreet clinic to get Joel removed from her memory. Joel finds out and decides to do the same. Mid procedure Joel decides that is not what he wants but it's too late to change his mind.

One confusing thing about the film is the revelation that this is not chronological. As the film goes further on you realise that some of what is occurring is the procedure, some is post-procedure and some is pre-procedure. It's all mashed together and it takes a while to get your head around the messed up time-line. What's interesting about the procedure is how quickly the memories mash together to create interesting scenes like the one shown above. A bed on a beach, rain in an apartment, sand in a library...

I really liked the characters and their messed up relationship. But, I'm not sure I liked the mixture of scenes and the strange attempts to escape memory loss. I think the main point of the movie is to show exactly what memory is. It does mean something, but it's not imperative to how you turn out in the end. If anything most of the characters that have the procedure done seem to repeat history. All that they loose is what they have learnt.

I didn't love the film. I think I could have liked it if the ending had been different. If they had confirmed that they were going to stick together, but there wasn't really any decision made. They just sort of laughed and then the credits were showed.

The second unusual film I wanted to talk about was 'Mirror Mirror' which is a retelling of 'Snow White'. May I just say that I thought Lily Collins made a wonderful Snow White and that Julia Roberts (surprisingly) really suited the role of Evil Queen. I thought the costumes were wonderful and I really like the paintings on the walls of Snow's room. 

I think this was a different take on Snow White. The princess was more kick-ass than usual, but didn't loose her delicate feminine charm. The gnomes were giant bandits and the princess first meets the prince when he has been robbed of everything bar his underclothes. It was a funny take on the fairy tale, but there was still plenty of romance and magic in the tale.

I liked how the directors really went wild with the costumes and changed the story-line. I imagine that this story will probably be more appealing to the younger generations and that they might learn a thing or two about judging people or using manners. My only dislike was the song at the end, but I think that's just personal preference.

I recently got myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and have just discovered this^ (That you can Customise your icons). That isn't my screen above. i can't wait to have a play around with polyvore and the snipper tool to create something cool like this!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend so far !

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Lauren @tear stained said...

love the art work (especially the ink drawing!!) and your out fit!! you should definitely post more of both of these!! xxx

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

Thanks!! will do :)