Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Non-fiction review: 'What On Earth Are You Wearing: A Michipedia of Fashion'

Edited by Chloe Quigley, Daniel Pollock
Illustrated by: Kat Macleod
Pages: 144
Genre: Non-fiction, Novelty
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Release Date: August 2012
I purchased it online.

Every fashionista worth her Louboutins cares as much about a book's outfit as she does about its content. This pursesized encyclopedia dons a cloth cover stamped with shimmering silver foil and a satin-ribbon page marker. Alongside vibrant illustrations, a team of fashion forecasters defines more than 285 terms from acid wash to zebra ("fatigues are really just exhausted clothes") and answers sartorial quandaries ("What do I do when I've bought a genuine 'Channel' handbag in Hong Kong?"). Equally snarky and stylish, this insider's guide is sure to be on all of this season's best-dressed lists.

I didn't really know what to expect when I purchased this book. All I knew was that it looked pretty cute and that it had got a few mentions in a few different magazines. I saw it on Mod Cloth at a much cheaper price than I'd seen it before and thought "Oh, what the heck" and added it to the cart.

The first things I noticed about this book were the illustrations. They were so cute! The book is actually a novelty dictionary of fashion (as I discovered), so some of the pictures were quite humorous (to match the funny definitions). This is definitely a book for your coffee table!

As far as the content goes for this book, I wouldn't say it was fabulous. The book was sometimes informative, sometimes funny and sometimes I just disagreed with the definition (Miss Michi is a little opinionated...).

Overall, 3.5 stars. It wasn't awful, but it is defintely not a source of fashion inspiration or information. A cute gift for a chick with a sense of humour or like I said earlier; A coffee table book.

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