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Beauty review: Fashion Addict Order

Earlier today I posted a Random Haul  which included this ^ make-up from Fashion Addict. I thought I'd do a blog post for it, because, well, I can. And, I'd like to ramble a little about how it can be a little difficult to get the right colour, and how sometimes you can be surprised by the quality of a product that you pay so little for.
The BYS products aren't known for great quality, but rather their great price. I think the quality has improved a lot though, and that it's how you apply the product and what other products you use in conjunction with that item that make the big difference. 

^ This is a Face of Australia eye-primer that I bought. It cost $6.95. I normally use a stick concealer instead, but thought seeing as it was so cheap, that I'd give a primer a go. This primer is a bit whiter than concealer, but once you rub it in it tends to blend right into your skin. It has a tiny bit of a sheen to it, and is a bit on the sticky side. The stickiness isn't really a problem though, because it helps the eyeshadow stay in place. I tend to use pressed powder underneath my eye-brow to highlight that area and then I apply my eyeshadow.

^Here are the two eye-shadows I bought. They are BYS 5 piece horizontal shadows. The one on the left is called 'Olive Daze' and the one on the right is called 'Mod Brights'.The colours are a bit different to what they show on the online store. The ' Mod Brights' are much brighter and the 'Olive Daze' palette is more neutral and less olive. They cost $4.95 each.
^Here are some swatches of what the colours look like on the inside of my arm. The colours from left to right are the colours from bottom-top. The 'Olive Daze' colours tend to be fairly neutral looking on me, because my skin is quite sallow. The colours are very pigmented (the bright ones) and do last a long time. I tend to blend them into some neutral coloured eye-shadows so they are less severe looking. And, then I use a brown/grey/maroon for the socket (to get the hooded eyelid effect).
I actually do like the colours even though they are brighter, but I have still ordered a pastel palette afterwards, because I really would like some soft, light colours.
^Here's a pic of me wearing the green eyeshadow from the 'Mod Brights' palette along with the lighter neutrals from the 'Olive Daze' palette, a darker brown eyeshadow, black pencil eyeliner and mascara (which I normally don't bother with, because my eyelashes are really thick and long without it. I'm pretty happy with this look and like how the colour shows off my eye colour more than the neutral beiges and browns that I usually wear.
^Lastly, I got this lipstick. It's BYS Longlasting lipstick and the shade is called Primadonna. It cost me $3.95.
^This is what it looks like applied with a lip-brush
^This is what it looks like, when it's applied straight from the tube.
For the cost, I think it's a nice lipstick. It's moist and creamy when you apply it and it lasts for a long time if you are just drinking water. It comes of when you eat. And, it can be a little drying after a while. That doesn't bother me though, because that's just a  typical side-effect of long-wear lippy.
So, yep that's my thoughts on those products. I will happily buy them again in different shades.
-New lip brushes can be a bit stiff so be sure to run them under warm/hot water and lay them flat to dry before use.
-When using bright eye-shadows build the colour up slowly. Start with a neutral base and blend the colour from the outer side of your eye toward the middle.
-To help make-up stay in place be sure to use a good moisturiser/base before hand. You can try and protect is from sweating off or fading by using a translucent powder and/or hairspray to keep it in place (I also try to wear eye-liner/mascara that is waterproof to avoid panda eyes).
-Lipstick does last longer on moisturised lips, but be sure to let the lip balm soak in before putting on any colour. I tend to put lip balm on before I put on any make-up and do the lipstick application at the end.
-When buying make-up online or via mail-order be sure to look up colour swatches (like I did on the inside of my arm) to see what the colours look like in real life. Can save you from purchasing a horrible colour that you'll never wear. Because, the colours do look different in real life...
-Also, when swatches are not available my mother suggests going a shade darker than you'd like with mail order lipsticks, because the shade you like tends to be too light in real life.
*Please note: I'm not a make-up artist or anything. I just know these things from reading magazines and surfing the web and 9 years worth of heavily made up dance concerts...
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Harlow Darling said...

I have been looking for an eye-shadow primer and I think I might just have to check the Face of Australia one out! I don't mind makeup by BYE so long as it's just things like eyeliner and shadow :)