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Style Crush: Lana Del Rey

I find that I only tend to get a "Style Crush" on people who inspire me in more ways than one. Lana Del Rey is no exception. I absolutely adored Del Rey's clip of 'Video Games' a song that she not only wrote and sang, but created her own film clip for (by incorporating different bits of film). Since then, I'd looked up as much as I could on YouTube, ordered the album 'Born to Die' and read enough wikipedia pages to know that Lana Del Rey is not her real name and it isn't her first pseudonym either.

Along with my practically being obsessed with her sound, Del Rey's look is also quite captivating and original. She's been described as a "Gangsta Nancy Sinatra" and I can definitely see that in her look and hear it in her music. The star claims that she never used to be a fashionable person and that "From the age of about seven I had really  specific tastes that never changed". Luckily for her the trends seem to be moving in her favour. In my Style Crush: Spring/Summer RTW 2012 post I talk a bit about these trends which I think are very Del Rey. I know that some of the pictures I've used and seen aren't stiled by Lana herself. She did do a few different shoots for vogue and such. Compared to the outfits she wears in the booklet for 'Born to Die' and in interview/film clips I would say that those styled outfits don't differ much from the ones she chose herself.

American Colours
Three colours that Del Rey has worn, sung about and talked about the most would have to be Red, White (yes art students, it's not an actual colour) and blue.

-She wears white outfits in the 'Born to Die', 'Summertime Sadness' and 'National Anthem' (part of) film clips.
-She wears light blue in the 'National Anthem' film clip.
-She sings about a white bikini and red nail polish in 'Off to the Races'
-She sings about blue jeans and white shirts in 'Blue Jeans'
-She sings about Red Dresses in 'Summertime Sadness', 'Carmen' and 'Off to the races'
-She has been photographed wearing a sweater with the American Flag on it and photographed wearing white standing in front of the American Flag
-She tells Vogue Australia "I loved wearing white, old fur and gold"
-She tells an Aussie radio host (at Parklife music festival) that she would often wear a navy blazer with jeans.

Baggy Sweaters
They are the ultimate crossover between old-school ladylike and hip-hop couture. On one hand you've got the likes of Sylvia Plath who would wear a baggy sweater and make it look chic and on the other hand you've got the likes of every hip-hop dance movie that was ever made featuring some talented dancer wearing a baggy knitted sweater and not much else. (nothing against hip-hop dance movies, I actually like them alot).

-In the first film clip of 'Blue Jeans' (not the one with the mermaids) she wears a loose white lacy sweater.
-She has been photographed a few times wearing loose fitting sweaters (one time for Vogue Australia).

High-waisted short (as in above the knee) skirts
Often worn with tucked in or cropped shirts, a high waist adds femininity to Del Rey's look.

-In the 'Born to Die' album booklet Del Rey wears A white high waisted skirt with a floral pattern on the fabric.
-In the film clip of 'Summertime Sadness' she is wearing a white high-waisted skirt.

Closed-in point-toe heels
Seen in two of her film clips these shoes elongate Del Rey's legs.

-She wears a silver pair in 'National Anthem' and a white pair in 'Born to die'

Heavy lidded eyes
She's got a real Bambi eye thing going on. Achieved with light/neutral eyeshadow, black eyeliner (above the lash-line only) and mascara (false lashes if you're really keen).

-All of her video clips show off her beautiful Bambi-esque eyes, but you'll probably notice them the most in 'Born to Die' and 'National Anthem'

Other things I've noticed
Her fondness for denim shorts, big hair, heart shape sunglasses, old school waves (hair), flowers (worn in hair), red lipstick, hoop earrings and headbands.

-try to go for a minimalistic look. Try not to use too many colours in one outfit and keep it simple with accessories.
-Same goes with make-up. forget bright eye shadows and stick to red/nude lips, blush and Bambi eyes.
-You want to create a balance between old-school chic and high-street gangsta. If you are wearing a nice skirt and a lacy top, swap the top for a cropped T-shirt or swap the skirt for denim shorts.
-Forget your straightener. For quick messy waves scrunch some moose through some damp hair. Or, for a more polished look curl dry hair with a curling iron (or straightener, or curl stick) and brush out gently with a soft-bristle round-brush.
-Take a note from the likes of Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe. These are all old-school girls who had great style.
-Be yourself. One of the things that Lana Del Rey has always been very assertive about is that she is an individual. As much as I adore her style, I like to add a bit of my own style to a Lana inspired outfit to keep it fresh, because I'm an individual too.
These are things that I've noticed in a lot of Del Rey's photo shoots and video clip footage, that she isn't exactly wearing, but can still be incorporated into your look (via pictures on tee shirts/sweaters etc)
-Old cars
-Black and white film
-Old-school screen sirens

I guess with any person famous or not there is always going to be something you don't like. With Lana Del Rey, my dislike is the glorification of smoking/drinking/drink-driving/drugs in her music and music videos. According to vogue the record is more about the past, and she doesn't drink anymore. While I do still love the songs and the music videos I don't like "that" aspect of them. I don't like the idea that teenagers will see Lana Del Rey do something and decide that they want to do it too. From what Del Rey said in the interview it seems like she feels bad about her past, and in a way I can feel that in her music too. I'm just hoping that feeling is strong enough for people to catch on and not get sucked into the smoking-screen-siren thing.

If you need more visuals I suggest checking out my polyvore collection Here.

Whether, you love her or you hate her (or if you're somewhere in the middle) you have to admit that she's got style...

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