Sunday, September 2, 2012

Small Haul and Update (As Promised)

This fortnight I got one book for my kindle which the author emailed to me. It seems that the number of books incoming matches the amount of reading I'm achieving of late...
No Alternative
'No Alternative' by William Dickerson
-I hardly ever accept review copies from people who email me directly, but thought this one sounded promising.
I also got a CD:
'So Frenchy So Chic 2010' - A compilation of songs from the french film festival in 2010
And a DVD:
Charmed Season 1

I spent the majority of the week doing anything, but reading. I usually try and get some reading done in my lunch break at work, but I didn't even manage that. And, in my time off I've been watching charmed (finished the whole first season and ordered the other ones already), playing my guitar (which used to be my sister's) and recommending music to my friend.
So far I'm loving charmed. It's quite strange that I do, because I always thought the show would be a bit lame. As far as special effects go it is a bit lame, but I adore the characters and the storyline isn't too bad. I think it's the sort of thing you have to not take too seriously. If the rest of the series is as good I may even decide to pick up season 9 and season 10 for a read (only 8 seasons were filmed, 9 and 10 are graphic novels).
I absolutely adore the old house and think that each character is cool in their own way. My favourite character would have to be Piper. Andy was pretty cool too, but sadly he didn't stay in the show long. I'm also loving that the first season is so old; the soundtrack is great!
Cover Page for my song book
I also managed to accumulate a guitar a little while ago that my sister no longer wanted and after discovering a few May Jailer and Lizzy Grant (both are actually Lana Del Rey) tunes on youtube I felt inspired to play/write songs. I then had the drama of trying to tune it because it was so out-of tune. I eventually ended up ordering a guitar tuner from Jb-Hi Fi which was surprisingly easy to use.
I also made a pretty songbook cover using Polyvore (pictured above) and printed out a few different chord diagrams and free songs from a website that was suggested by an old work mate. With the help of a few facebook friends and my sister, I learned/remembered how to read/play some chords. The songs I've attempted so far:
-'Primmadonna' by Marina and The Diamonds
-'Bang Bang' by Nancy Sinatra
-'Breaking Up The Girl' by Garbage
-'Never Let Me Go' by Florence and The Machine
-'Black Balloon' by The Kills
-'Lady' by Regina Spektor
-'Wicked Games' by Chris Isaack
-'Hard to Explain' by The Strokes
How was your week?
Your Favourite Blogger,

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Michelle said...

I love Charmed, I watched every episode on TV and have all the box sets...I may need to do a Charmed marathon soon ;)

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