Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gift Ideas for the Bookish (Part II)


For something fun, I decided to write another post about gift ideas for people who like to read. Here's the first post. The objective of these posts is to write a list of things that bookworms would potentially like as presents. If you're a bookworm and your parents or friends are harassing you about what to give you for your birthday (especially if you don't even know what you want) you could send 'em the link to this post.

Obviously not all "Bookish" people are the same. There are so many other things that define who we are, rather than just the fact that we are bookworms. I decided to break this post up into two categories 'Bookish Homebodies' and 'The Creative Bookish' to help people choose the appropriate gift for their bookish friend. The last post was full of very obviously bookish things, but this time I wanted to talk about items that weren't necessarily considered "bookish". These gifts are specified for "bookish" people due to the likeliness that they are a. a homebody or b. creative. Maybe this person is both?

Please note:
 I'm not trying to offend anyone with the stereotyping. I'm just trying to help people find presents for their friends :)

People who like to read inside a lot.

1. Cute Teacups:
-Most people, that I know of who like to read also like to drink large quantities of Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate.
-You can often get cute gift sets with mugs in them around Christmas time and you can buy personalised mugs online.

2. Cute Slippers:
-Here's another stereotype. I understand that not all homebodies wear slippers, but regardless of whether or not they do whoever said no to a pair of comfy slippers?
-Obviously you'd need their shoe size.

3. A Lamp:
-If you know someone who likes to read till late at night a lamp is a great gift.
-You might want to check with the person you're buying for (or whoever they live with) to see if they already have a lamp first.

I know of a lot of readers who like to blog, write or both.

1. Cute pens or stationary:
-Things like a pencil holder, pencil case, fancy pen...
-Will get plenty of use and inspire your friend to continue to create.

2. Cute computer accessories:
-A fancy mouse or a fancy USB stick (you can get ones with R2D2 or Hello Kitty on them, Example: Here)  are both useful items.

There's five ideas for you!

Your Favourite Blogger,


Katja Weinert said...

Great ideas, I'd especially like the computer/ stationary accesories...and the mug/tea cups :)

Alice S M said...

These are great ideas! I ADORE teacups and I also love love candles. Bookmarks are an obvious one two but I often lose mine and enjoy making new ones :). {I got yours (btw) - she now has brown eyes and blue hair :D} I love stationary too. I like to see pretty colours on my desk so a daisy or two is beautiful too (I think I'm just going onto what pretty things I put on my desk so that's it's nice to look at) lol

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

I didn't think of candles! oh well, there can always be a part three :)

Anonymous said...

For my bookish friend's birthday, here's what I did:

-She's a theatre nut, so I bought an old copy of The Collected Works of William Shakespeare for a dollar at a library sale and hollowed it out.
-We're both obsessed with British-ness, and, by default, tea, so I filled the hollowed out book with tea.
-I got another old book from the library sale, a mysterious looking red one. I took out all the pages and used stationary to bind her a unique, vintage journal.
-I tied the books together with twine and, to top it off, went to a paint-your-own-pottery place within walking distance and painted her a tea mug.