Friday, July 20, 2012

For the Love of Art

Lately I've been thinking a lot about art. I've been painting, I've been tumblring and I've been looking around the web for art by other artists. I want to have a look at what the going prices are and to find out what's popular. I have a tendency to like pretty pictures of ladies. I like art that verges on fashion illustration. I've come across some pretty cool stuff and just thought I'd share some of these cool artists with you all.

Darling Bud, A4 cardstock print
Her paintings have this really glossy look about them. I've included a link to the etsy store where you can purchase originals and prints if you're interested. Also, you can send in a picture to the artist for a custom portrait. The etsy store also has temporary tattoos, dresses and tote bags.

Pin up Party girl // Original Watercolor Illustration // christmas in july CIJ sale

Another one that sells on Etsy. This artist's stuff isn't all pretty ladies (I just decided to show this picture because it was so pretty), she also has pictures of other interesting and cute things like space ships, wales and men with owl heads. Her etsy store has a cute range of badges and pendants.

This artist has a lot of "darker" paintings with the skeletal features painted onto the face of the subject as well as some lighter ones. I really like the artist's use of colour and ability to paint things like hair and feathers.

There are so many awesome artists out there, but for today I'd like to just mention three. Hope you guys enjoy it!

For those followers who are hoping for more book related posts: Please hold in there! I'm trying to get through 'Crescendo' so I can move onto something much more enjoyable and get some reviews posted. I'm also trying to think up some more ideas for book related posts.

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