Friday, July 27, 2012

DIY Cover Picture for Facebook Timeline

Those who follow the blog's Facebook page may have noticed a knew timeline picture (pictured above). I came up with the idea to create one using Polyvore after seeing many collage cover pictures generated by apps on personal facebook pages. I thought: "I wonder if Goodreads has an app like this?" If they did have one I still haven't found it. And then, I remembered that I used to make little pictures for my blog (still do) for segments and such, and why didn't I just make a cover picture using polyvore. Even better, why didn't I make a template so other people could use it and I could make a new one when I got sick of the one I just made?

It's actually pretty simple. I created a template on (via Create>Template) which I published with instructions on how I recommend the template to be used. I then filled out the template (via Create>Set) and found the template (via Templates>My Templates), filled it out, published it and used the 'Snipper Tool' (Which most modern computers have). I highlighted the area I wanted to save as an Image, saved it and then went on to facebook and uploaded a new cover image.

If you are using a template created by someone else you will need to visit a set of that template (a filled out template someone has published) and click on the miniature image of the template below the set. You will be taken to a screen with an empty image of the template and will need to click on the option to "Fill this template". I have created a collection of sets (Click Here) that I have made using different timeline templates. To access the template click on the set (the template filled out) that you most desire and follow the instructions at the beginning of this paragraph.

-The template can be filled out using images from 'My Items' or from the polyvore search engine. Select the image you want and drag it over to the placeholder you would like to put it into. Once the placeholder is highlighted orange drop the image.

-To find the item you want be sure to use the right keywords. For example if you are looking for a galaxy background image be sure to search "galaxy background", because "galaxy" will land you with a heap of really pretty star splattered skirts.

-To add items to 'My Items' so that you have them for later you can click on the image you want (In the right sidebar only; don't click on images in the template) and a few options will come up. One of them should be 'Save to my Items'. If you want to add images to Polyvore that aren't there already you can install the Polyvore Clipper which allows you to download images from your favourite Tumblrs and blogs.

-If you are having any issues with your image not looking right in the template you can:
  • Move it around within the placeholder, by clicking on the image (not letting go of the button on the mouse) and move the mouse until your image is in the desired spot.
  • Make the image smaller or larger using the slider thing (that looks kinda like a volume adjustment thingy) at the top of the page.
  • Flop or flip the image using the buttons up the top of the page
  • Take away the background of the image or add the background of the image. There are two squares next to the slider thing.
  • "Fit" the image. Which really just means that the biggest part of the image (length or width) does not exceed the placeholder.
  • Remove the image and add a new one.
I'm not going to explain how to make a template. If you are a polyvore wiz you'll know all about it. If not it's probably easier for you to use someone else's template. If you're still interested check out Polyvore Help center: How to create a template . It's not the best explanations, but like somethings, making templates is a bit of learn as you go/ trial and error.

-When making a template you really want to get the size right. You want a cover picture that isn't cut off by facebook, because it isn't the right size. To get this right I like to search for 'Timeline' in the search engine and use one of the facebook timeline images that comes up as a stencil for the background colour or place holder (and then I delete the initial image I used). Be sure that the image you found in the search engine is the right size. some of them can be a little bit "tall".

-Remember that your profile picture will cover up part of the bottom left hand corner.

-Remember that the images will get zoomed in when the cover picture is uploaded to facebook, so don't be afraid to make them a little bit smaller.

-You can't type text to use when filling out the template. You can only type text when you are creating it. If you want to be able to choose song lyrics or quotes you  might be lucky to find image versions through the search engine. If not, you could create image versions to upload onto Tumblr and upload them onto Polyvore using the Polyvore Clipper.

Polyvore is a site used to create fashion/art/interior design layouts called 'Sets'. 'Templates' can be made so that people can fill them out to make 'Sets' instead of starting from scratch. I designed some special 'Templates' for facebook timeline. I made a cover picture by filling out the template, publishing it, using the snipper tool (you should have one in your computer) to save the set onto  my computer and uploaded it to facebook.

Here's one I made for my personal facebook page:
The Picture on the bottom left corner (The hand holding the stick, pointing at the moon) was mostly covered up by the profile picture. You can see a bigger version of this timeline on polyvore (via the link to the collection higher up in this post)

If you have found or made any new Timeline Templates (Templates, not sets) could you please leave a link in the comments so I can add it to my collection?

I've noticed a few Polyvorians that normally don't "Like" sets of trivial stuff have been liking these timeline sets I've been publishing, And, people have been liking the ones I've published to facebook. Which seems unusual. So, I'm guessing it's a decent sort of idea? We'll see...

Your Favourite Blogger,

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